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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

New Bracelet Stack

Remember a little while back when I talked about the Boho Cuffs from Victoria Emerson? I bought the Coronado and the El Paso styles and wear them so often and love them every time I do!

Periodically, I peruse their site looking at the new styles and imagining how I could incorporate them into my wardrobe. I really like the Boho Cuffs the best since it's like wearing 5 or 6 bracelets when it's actually just one piece to attach. Victoria Emerson also has wrap bracelets (some made of leather or suede, some with twine or string & beads or crystals) and watches. I'll certainly be keeping an eye on the price of the watches on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

As I looked through their Boho Cuffs a few weeks ago, I noticed a really colorful option named Ipanema. It was so different than what I already had and I knew it could easily be the pop of color to some outfits. I put it in my cart and planned to wait til Black Friday or Cyber Monday to buy it.  However, Victoria Emerson had a 3 day sample sale with limited number of sample priced items and different items included each day. During one of the days, the Ipanema was on sale for $17! I quickly jumped on the deal and was so so excited to get it at way over half off!

When it arrived, it was just as I thought it would be- colorful & different from what I already had. I instantly wore it the next day with a fairly simple outfit (white shirt, jeans, dark gray cardigan) and it added all the color I needed.

So fun!

Be watching for a packing post for mom & kids to see how I organize and account for all the details that go into packing for a road trip with three kids, two of which have medical needs. Stay tuned!

Until Next Time!
Much Love, Reba

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Faux Braid

After seeing & admiring some braided hairstyles recently, I did my research and found out that the braids were really a headband! I was so intrigued & looked into the company and was impressed by the work they do. The company is Madison Braids. I couldn't afford a braid on its own, but they had a BOGO sale a month or so ago, so I grabbed two for the price of one.  I chose a braid style and haircolor (they have three different types of braids and several haircolor options). The initial style was too thick for my hair (Halo) and I overestimated the blondeness in my hair. The company is so good about trades and exchanges so I contacted them and chose a thinner braid (Lulu 2 strand) and I took a risk on the brunette shade thinking for sure it would be too dark.  When it arrived, I was so so so excited to try it out. The thickness level was perfect and I learned a real life lesson about myself- I'm now a brunette. I didn't want to think that the blondeness of my childhood was gone, but it really is. I looked up some YouTube videos on how to style it and I've worn the braid to school a couple of times- always receiving complements when I do. It stays in place so well and really makes it look like I know how to style my hair (even though I don't!).

Until Next Time,
Much Love,Reba

Monday, November 18, 2019

Fall Break

Over Columbus Day, we had our Fall Break for school.  We were off on a Monday and a Tuesday and it was so much fun and relaxing!  We went to two libraries one day, baked cookies on one afternoon, read lots of books, played inside & outside, and caught up on rests.  It was glorious. Since then we've had Veteran's Day break and next week we're off the whole week for Thanksgiving! This year has flown by and I'm trying so hard to soak in these moments with my little ones.

So, so blessed.

Until Next Time,
Much Love, Reba

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

On the first weekend of October, my mom was babysitting my two nephews. She asked if Aaron & I would like to take our crew and join her at the pumpkin patch. We were all about it!  It was about 90 degrees, but we still had a great little trip!

Here's some photos from our journey.

Until next time,
Much Love, Reba

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Late Summer Photo Round Up

Here's a collection of quite the random assortment from September & early October.

One Saturday, we ran errands around town-- stopping at Bass Pro where all three kids thought they should ride in the cart together.

On this night, Avery wasn't feeling too great, so she played dress up in a "mommy and me" dress (notice that the baby doll matches her) and cuddled for a while and made silly faces.

We held Michael's birthday party at the church and he was blown away that we remembered that he said he wanted the bouncy house at his party.  He was pretty impressed (as was I) that daddy and Grampa set it up inside in the AC!

Avery thought she was the coolest girl with her head band.

Aaron told her to "smile with her eyes" and this is what she instantly did. :)

This was a sweet expression from Michael-- cuddling a gift he received at his party.

Noah has the best smiles!

One afternoon, Noah was sent to the corner and Avery felt like she should join him.

She discovered her Easter ears and had to wear them!

She was playing with Noah's garbage truck, pretending it was the PAW Patrol mobile. If you look closely, you can see her three little PAW Patrol characters riding in the back of the truck. :)

One Sunday morning in September was such a nice temperature outside that we had to play in the sandbox before church!

They were being so nice to each other and helping each other out while playing this game.

One Tuesday evening, Aaron and I decided we needed to get out of the house, so we took the kiddos to a local ice cream place that has a grassy area out in the back for kids to run off energy.

That same night, it worked out for us to surprise some family friends at Cracker Barrel.  A couple from the second church my dad pastored were in town and they usually try to meet up with my parents for dinner.  My mom told me they'd be coming, and we were able to beat them to Cracker Barrel and surprise them with a quick visit outside while waiting on my mom and dad to arrive.  We didn't stay for dinner because of my kiddos' bedtimes, but it was so nice to see them and spend a few minutes catching up!

She is showing off her Marshall toy.

This was right before she told me we could go inside "in a bit."

The boys sometimes like to take our board games and play imaginary games with the pieces and as long as they don't leave the table while playing their games, I'm all about it.  This time, they were using the pieces of "Carcasonne" to make-believe their own towns and villages.

This was a fantastic sunrise one Saturday morning before our Upwards game began.

When I got home from the Upwards game that Saturday, this is how I found Little Miss.

My mom offered to watch the boys at her house so that Aaron and I could grocery shop on our own.  Avery was having the time of her life while driving the cart solo and eating a cookie from the bakery.

Avery is not one for hair accessories, but brought me this hair bow one morning this past week.  She kept it in for about 40 minutes.  I was so impressed!

Thursday and Friday, Aaron was off of work.  When I got home on Thursday, I found him and all three kids playing "car race" in the driveway.  So sweet!

They're waving to the passing school bus.

Yesterday, we took the kiddos to Krispy Kreme since Michael earned a free donut by meeting some academic goals he had set at school.  Krispy Kreme had their Halloween flavors, so of course all three picked something from that special menu.  Avery and Noah were eating "Slimon" and Michael had "Hypno-Henry."

After the donut visit, we ran some errands in town, then took the kids to Costco to wander around and get a cheap lunch.  Michael pointed out this gigantic stuffed Mickey, so of course Avery had to hug it.


This morning, Noah pretended to be the principal and called Avery "to the front office, please."  Here they are in their little meeting.

Noah is a good self-entertainer and played for nearly an hour pushing his garbage truck back and forth across the living room floor.

Every time he made it across the floor, he'd strum an air guitar and sing "he won the race!"

We are certainly having busy, but sweet times lately. 

Until Next Time,
Much love, Reba