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Monday, January 16, 2017

Big boy beds

For the longest time, my boys have slept on crib mattresses.  Michael has slept on a toddler bed frame with a crib mattress for a couple of years now, and Noah has slept on a converted crib-to-toddler bed for about a year and a half.

When we moved into our new home in April, I still wanted the boys to share a room. They are not quite 17 months apart, and I feel like sharing a room is the best set-up for them now.  They get along pretty well, and they don't disturb each other at night (whether that's from Michael's blood sugar checks or Noah's request to be covered up at 3:00am).

I knew that Michael would outgrow his crib mattress soon since he is so tall.  So, lately, I've been on the search for twin mattresses for them. Eventually I think I want them to be in bunk beds, but I don't think they're responsible enough right now.  It might be more of a temptation to pretend like it's a mountain and jump off.  Therefore, the twin mattresses would reside on the floor.

I found a good deal on wayfair.com and decided to take the leap. I had never ordered a mattress online before, but I felt pretty good about the quality and I couldn't pass up free shipping!

The mattresses arrived about a week ago and they've sat in our living room untouched.  Taking apart a toddler bed and a crib was not motivating us to get our act together.  However, today I was off of work and highly motivated. Therefore, I moved the toddler bed into our spare room and I'll have Aaron deconstruct it later on.  I then grabbed our Allen-wrenches and deconstructed the crib.  Once the little beds were out of the way, I opened up the mattress boxes.

These mattresses were wrapped up so tight and deflated of all air!  As soon as their fabric touched air again, they started inflating!  It was really cool.  The little instruction card said it would take 2 to 3 hours to fully inflate.

I spent part of that time rearranging their room. I had to move out their yellow rocking chair to the living room. I'm hoping to have it reupholstered this year.  I moved their bookshelf across the room only to have to move it right back where it was. I wish I hadn't put ALL of the books in it as soon as I moved it this first time because I had to empty it again and move it right back across the room.

I had to change the direction of noah's mattress. His crib had fit into the little nook in the room but this new mattress was too long for that nook. 

To while away the rest of the 2-3 hour period, we loaded up and headed to Target for the boys to pick out their own sheet set. I didn't have any twin sets so I figured having them pick out their own sets might be fun.  Noah picked Mickey. Michael picked Pokémon. *insert major sigh from me here*

Here's our "before sheets" picture:

And here's our "after sheets" picture:

Naptime didn't go as planned. Neither one of them slept. They stayed in their beds but did not sleep. I'm hoping bedtime goes a bit better!

Until next time,
Much love, Reba

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Our Christmas and New Years holiday was very relaxing.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was spent with both sides of our family (my parents on Christmas Eve, and my in-laws on Christmas Day).

The garlic herb cheese bombs were a hit!  In fact, I'm making them again tomorrow to take to a food fellowship at the women's Bible study I attend on Wednesday nights.

On Christmas morning, the boys opened up their stockings from "Santa."  Michael was disappointed that he didn't get a Wii-U in his stocking.  I told him that sometimes Santa tells Mommy and Daddy what he wants, and Mommy and Daddy get to go buy it.  Therefore, about 20 minutes later, Michael and Noah opened one of their "joint gifts" to find a Wii-U!  Michael is obsessed with it.

Noah did not care a lick about opening gifts.  He was more interested in his bag of M&M's in his stocking and in his "Holiday Pooper" candy toy-- which Aaron and I bought on a whim for their stockings.  Both boys got one-- Michael got a snowman and Noah got a penguin.  It's a little plastic toy where you insert candy balls into a trap door at the back of the head, and then you wind up the toy and it walks while pooping out the candy.  Noah must have played with this little penguin non-stop all morning until it was time for church.

The day after Christmas is my dad's birthday, so we enjoyed dinner over there that evening.  Michael and Noah both enjoyed the ice cream cake.

It was back to work for us the following morning-- me for a 4 day workweek, and Aaron for a 3 day workweek as he was given Friday the 30th off of work.  He was also given December 23rd off of work, so he had two 4-day weekends back to back while I got two 3-day weekends.  Friday the 30th was such a long day for me since Aaron and the boys were home and I had to work (from home).

We really soaked up this past weekend in full relaxation mode.  Although the Christmas holidays were fun, they were busy and we did not get a full chance to unwind.  Plus, I kept thinking that Monday December 26th was actually a Saturday and was then quite disappointed to keep reminding myself that it was actually a Monday and that I had to return to work the following day.  This weekend was much more low key, and I did not have trouble remembering that yesterday was a Monday.

Last night was a very rough night on us.  Michael went low twice before 2:00am.  So we were both up at different times to administer chocolate milk and jelly.  Then, poor Aaron has had a respiratory issue for about 3 weeks now which means much snoring at night.  Unfortunately, this is something my body simply cannot stand and I wake constantly during these episodes.  I so desired my bed, but I was torn between going to the couch just to get some sleep!  :)  We have both remarked to each other today that we are very worn out from lack of sleep.  I have a feeling it will be an early bedtime for us tonight.

This year will be full of changes for us.  I've been very consistent with my workouts and eating habits for a couple of weeks now and am feeling very good!  I even fit into a couple of pairs of pants that I had not worn since last January!

I'll write soon about our very busy January and February.

Until Next Time,
Much love, Reba

Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve Eve to you and yours!

I'm going to be finishing up my workday in a few hours, and then I'm off for 3 days!

My plans today include making sugar cookies with the boys (we have the slice-and-bake kind this year), but I'll be making my own cream cheese frosting to go on top of them!  Michael reminded me yesterday that "we have to have cookies for Santa!"

I also plan to watch Prancer today, because she plans to get Prancer back to Santa on Christmas Eve Eve, so it's the most perfect day to watch that movie.

I'll attempt to watch Christmas Vacation and Elf again.  Perhaps Home Alone and Home Alone 2 again. No promises-- a couch and a cozy blanket in the living room lit by the light of the Christmas Tree makes for early bedtimes for me!

Tomorrow, we'll spend the afternoon and evening with my mom & dad.  My older brother is coming to town and all of us will enjoy dinner together.  I'm making Loaded Cauliflower Casserole and Garlic Herb Cheese Bombs (first time trying it, I'll let you know how it goes!).

On Sunday, we'll have church service an hour later than normal, and then we'll go over to my mother-in-law's home and we'll snack during the day, and eat Christmas dinner there with my step-father-in-law, my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, and my step-mother-in-law.  Hopefully, we'll watch The Ref or something along those lines.

Monday is my Dad's birthday so I'm sure we'll be spending part of our evening over there for birthday dinner!

I hope your holiday is festive and warm!

Until Next Time,
Much Love, Reba

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: Christmas Decor 2016

Today I'm linking up with Andrea for Show & Tell Tuesday, and today's topic is my absolute favorite of all!  Christmas Decorations!

This is our first year in this home, so decorating it for the holidays is extra new and exciting!

We use this fabric Nativity Advent to countdown the days til Christmas!  It hangs on our coat closet door in the foyer.

I made this candy cane wreath a couple of weeks ago at a Ladies Craft Night at Church.

This pillow was my Aunt's, but I get to use it for Christmas decor this year and it's very, very special to me.

I made this tiny canvas when Michael was only 4 months old!  (#momfail-- I didn't make one when Noah was 11 months old two years later.  #secondchildproblems).

This cute modeling clay Hedgehog Nativity Set was crafted by another blogger friend, and it sits next to Noah's handprint wreath from 2014!

The "Walking In a Winter Wonderland" Snowman keeps the Jesse Tree ornament box company.

I made this cup and saucer set in ceramics class during my junior year of high-school.  We had to make a three piece set using the rolled clay technique.  Everyone else may think it's ugly, but it brings back memories for me, so I display it anyway. :)

Here's our tree this year.  We're using my aunt's tree since it has colored lights-- which my boys are really into this year!  They helped me decorate, which made my mommy-heart so proud!  I left the lower half of the tree exactly as they decorated it. :)

Here are two ornaments from Aaron & my first Christmas as a married couple in 2009.

A close-up of our Auburn ornament.  On the back, there's a painting of the Toomer's oak trees-- which we used to roll after every football win.

Michael's "First Christmas" ornament.

Noah's "First Christmas" ornament.

I stuck a spare strand of white lights in a lantern by our fireplace.  I had an orange strand in there during the fall season, so switching it out for a string of white lights was easy and festive!

Here's a complete picture of our mantle.

On the left edge, I've grouped three miniature trees.

The wooden tree was a gift from my Nana to me from Germany.  I used this tree as my "apartment tree" in my college days. :)

The other two trees are ones I've had since I was a girl.  On one tree, my mom and I used to hot-glue earrings when we couldn't find their match.  It's a little sparse, but I have some earrings I can add to it this year.

The next little tree is decorated with tiny ornaments that used to come attached to the Christmas gifts my brothers and I would get from our grandparents.

On the right side of the mantle, Santa and a reindeer snowglobe keep our wedding photo company.

Right now, we're using the J-O-Y stocking holders to hold our boys' stockings, and some faux mistletoe.  Hopefully, in the next couple of years, we'll have a third stocking hanging there!

I ordered the boys these stockings from Pottery Barn Kids during their Black Friday sale.  I am so in love with them!

In the dining room, I have a window pane with picture wire holding up family photos.  I've swapped some out for the Christmas pictures I took of the boys in the studio this fall.

On my kitchen cart in the dining room, I have my aunt's Christmas sleigh on display.

I rolled some craft paper out on the table as a semi-tablecloth, and I've set out the handmade Christmas place mats my Nana made for Aaron & me on our first Christmas after we were married.

On the door from the kitchen to the garage, I have a Merry felt banner hanging.  This cute banner came along with the Hedgehog Nativity Set, and it's so cute!

In my kitchen window above my sink, I have a hand print wreath that my mother-in-law created using scrapbook paper hand print cutouts of my boys last year.

And, of course, our Nativity set is directly on top of our entertainment center.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing where our Christmas decor is this year in our new home!  I can't wait to read through the other posts and catch a peek into the decor of others!

Until Next Time,
Much Love, Reba

Monday, November 28, 2016

Let's Talk: Christmas Traditions

Today I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for their Let’s Talk series.  Christmas Traditions take center stage today, and here’s ours!

As I’m sitting in my dining room this morning, getting started with my work day, I have a prime time view of the street I live on.  One by one, the cars pass by my house taking their drivers to work once again.  The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is over, and it’s back to reality for most of us.  I, for one, got way too used to not using my alarm clock and had a rude awakening at 5:40 this morning. But, alas, here I am sitting at a table and writing on a laptop. 

Yesterday afternoon, we decorated our home for Christmas.  We don’t go wild and crazy, but I can say that the outside of our house is more decorated this year than any year prior in our 7 years of marriage thus far. 

Our Christmas traditions are still evolving since our little ones are just now reaching the age when they get super excited about Christmas. 

Last night, both boys helped me decorate our tree, and I plan to leave all ornaments exactly where they placed them! :)  I hung our fancier ornaments on the top part of the tree, and I made sure to hang the “playable” and unbreakable ornaments on the bottom part.  The boys really got into it and decorated most of the bottom half of the tree themselves.

We have a fabric Christmas Advent calendar with Velcro shepherds, a dog, cows, donkeys, wise men, gifts, camels, angels, a dove, a star, and the Baby Jesus.  The boys know that we get to put up the first character-- a shepherd-- on Thursday

We plan to read the Christmas story while the boys act it out with their plastic nativity-- of which the spare Baby Jesus is safely tucked away in the box just in case the current one gets lost during play.

I’m also hoping that we get to attend the town tree lighting tonight.  We attended the tree lighting ceremony last year in our tiny little town, and we’ve moved since then to a bigger town and I’d like to attend the Christmas tree lighting here.  The parade is not until Friday night, and it starts pretty late, so I’d like to take the boys to the festivities tonight just in case we miss the parade on Friday night.

I’d really like to find a Christmas Eve service to attend.  Those are my absolute favorites—with the candles and the Christmas music, and the overall sense of joy.  We’ll have church service on Christmas morning at our church, but we’re not having a Christmas Eve service, so I’d like to find a local one to attend.

Making roll-out-dough Christmas cookies is also something we all look forward to.  And, driving around to check out Christmas lights is on our list for this month, too.

This is such a magical time of year and I’m really enjoying watching my boys find the joy of the season.  My 4-year-old is really grasping it.  My 2-year-old doesn’t quite understand yet, but he likes all of the lights and decorations. 

I’ll be sharing our Christmas décor next Tuesday, so be sure to tune in for that!

Until Next Time,
Much Love, Reba

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have the happiest Thanksgiving today filled with family, friends, and warmth.

Until Next Time,
Much Love, Reba

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Want, Need, Wear, Read

I missed Show & Tell Tuesday at Momfessionals yesterday, but I figured I'd write the post anyway.

So..... it's a lot of work to think about fitting "wants" into the actual categories of "want, need, wear, read" because, in all honesty, I don't need anymore things or clothes or books.   But, just for fun:


Since moving into our new house in April, I've wanted some small topiaries, or bushes, or trees to flank our front door and this pair is on sale!


Now that fall temperatures have arrived in the South, we're stuck in this weird space-time-contiuum where it's too warm to turn on the heater, and too chilly to wear shorts to bed.  So, I'm thinking a new pair of long sleeve pajamas might be in order!  I saw these three sets as I was browsing online:


I do love a cozy sweatshirt, and considering that I have none, I think this sparkly one could be fun!


It's really important to me as a mom, to make a cozy home for my family.  That's why this book is really appealing to me and would make a fun thing to read! 

These days when it gets darker earlier and there's a chill in the air are my absolute favorite nights of the year!  Tomorrow, we are hosting Thanksgiving here in our home and I'm super excited about it!  I love having family over, and Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday!  The parade, the food, the family, the undeniable chaos that will happen at some point-- everything.  It's all the little pieces that make it such a great day. 

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Until Next Time, 
Much love, Reba