Welcome to a piece of our sweet journey of life. This blog is about our family life-- my husband, my type 1 diabetic kindergartner, my spunky pre-schooler, my newborn baby girl, and myself! Enjoy!

Friday, February 24, 2012

13 Weeks

We are done with the first trimester!  This is such a huge blessing and we are very grateful!

Supposedly, during the second trimester I will regain some energy.  I have pretended that I am already gaining some of that energy, but my eyelids still tattle on me at 7:00 when I'm nodding off.

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Little Baby P. is growing and my belly is starting to grow as well.  I'm in what I call the "awkward" phase-- where my maternity clothes are still a little too big, but my regular clothes are a little too small.  Today, I wore a pair of maternity jeans which were still a little too big, so I felt awkward all day long at my desk.  I also have found out that maternity pants, since they have so much elastic in them, get a funky "rubbery" smell after being put in the dryer.  To me, they smell like a Mickey Mouse kid tent.
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So, I smelled like Mickey Mouse tent all day until I could go home and change clothes.  :) 

Baby Growth:

-Nose and lips are completely formed.
-Little Baby P. can make a fist & suck his or her thumb
-The eyelids have fused shut to protect the eyes as they continue developing
-Little Baby P.'s bones and skull are solidifying
-Ribs begin to appear
-Little Baby P.'s intestines (which were partly in the umbilical cord last week) are now tucked inside
-Tooth sockets have tiny teeth that will make their appearance several months after Little Baby P. is born
-Vocal cords and the larynx are completely formed and ready to cry, coo, and giggle in just a few short months! :)
-Little Baby P. weighs 20 grams and is 3 inches long, or about the length of a Nutter Butter:

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and about the size of a peach:

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We are more excited every day about becoming parents.  We look forward to the joys and changes that accompany this journey.  Thank-you for keeping us in your prayers! Love, Reba 

Friday, February 17, 2012

12 Weeks

We are at 12 Weeks!  That means our first tri-mester is almost over!  Woo-hoo! 

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The doctor has increased my thyroid medicine twice now, so hopefully that will be delivering some much-needed energy soon.  Throughout this first tri-mester, I've been the "early-to-bed party pooper."  We're talking 6:30-7:00 bedtimes, folks.

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The clock strikes, and I am out like a light. :(  I guess Little Baby P. has me workin' hard at providing a home for our growing Little Kiddle.

Baby Growth:

-This week, Little Baby P.'s eyes have moved to the front of the head.
-The ears are in place!
-The intestines are formed, but Little Baby P. isn't quite big enough to hold all of that in yet, so parts of the intestines are chillin' in the umbilical cord.
-Little Baby P.'s fingernails and toenails are forming.
-The chin and nose are more defined.
-The digestive system is busy practicing the contraction movements that will be a necessary action after birth when Little Baby P. gets to eat.
-Little Baby P. is practicing swallowing. 
-The bone marrow is busy making white blood cells, which will help fight off the germs that his or her future playmates choose to pass around. :)
-Little Baby P. weighs almost 1/2 ounce and is 2 1/2 inches long, which is the length of a Vienna sausage:

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And about the size of a large plum:

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My Cravings:

-Water (It just tastes extra good this week!  I drink around 4 cups just standing at the sink in the morning while I get ready for work!)
-Milk (Also just has a wonderful refreshing taste this week! Especially at breakfast to accompany my scrambled-egg sandwich or PB&J)
-Cran-apple juice
-Grape juice (which I don't have any of, but would like to go get)
-Apple slices (seems to be the perfect, crunchy snack)

Well, my nursery looks a lot like it did last week: a crowded guest room.  :)  We have not assembled the crib yet.  But we aren't in a huge rush either so that's good. :)

Aaron and I did go out last weekend and buy a stroller/car seat combo.  We decided to go ahead and knock out that purchase.  We felt it was imporant as parents to buy the crib and stroller/car seat ourselves.

Thanks again for all of your prayers for us.  We are continually excited about becoming parents!  Love, Reba

Friday, February 10, 2012

11 Weeks

We are 11 weeks along!

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday.  Since it was in the morning, Dad was able to come with me.  It was not an ultrasound appointment, but I was really hoping to hear the baby's heartbeat through the Doppler (a Fisher-Price microphone-looking device):

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Though Aaron and I were able to hear the heartbeat a month ago during the ultrasound, the baby's heartbeat isn't loud enough yet to be heard with the Doppler, so the Doctor didn't use it during this visit.  He confirmed that the lab-work from the last visit was great and that everything looks wonderful.  It's always nice to get a good report!  Our next appointment is scheduled for a month from yesterday and I'm already looking forward to it!  During the next appointment (which won't have an ultrasound either), the Doctor will attempt to use the Doppler to hear Little Baby P.'s heartbeat. 

This week, Little Baby P. is 2 inches long, which is roughly the length of a sugar packet:

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and is about the size of a large lime:

(Photo credit: pictureshunt.com)

Little Baby P. weighs 1/3 of an ounce, which is about the weight of 2 sugar packets.  With all these sugar and lime comparisons, apparently, Little Baby P. is a whole lotta sweet, and a little bit of sour. ;)

Baby Growth:

-All vital organs are formed and functioning (The risk of defects decreases this week since Little Baby P. is less susceptible to outside influences).
-Fingernail and toenail beds are beginning to form. 
-Little Baby P.'s head is nearly as big as the rest of his or her body (Once again, folks, we're gonna have one smart kid!) :)
-If Little Baby P. is a boy, the testes have formed.
-If Little Baby P. is a girl instead, the ovaries have formed.
-Little Baby P. can sigh, stretch, move his or her head, suck his or her thumb, flail the arms and legs and do somersaults.  (I won't be able to feel all these movements for several more weeks, but Little Baby P. is trying out all the dance moves now in order to impress me later)  :)
-Little Baby P.'s ears assume the proper place:

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Yes, we will love Little Baby P. even if he or she has ears like this :)

In the next 9 weeks, Little Baby P. will increase 30 times in weight and will almost triple in length.  That's a lot of growing taking place in there!

My Cravings:

-This week I'm still on the peanut butter kick.  Still preferring JIF... it's what choosy moms choose, after all.

Nursery News:

-At the end of last week, Aaron and I took advantage of the Target Baby Sale and ordered a crib that was reduced in price and came with a free crib mattress.  :)  I love sales.
-The mattress arrived on Wednesday and the box is imprinted with "New Baby Bed." :) Yay!
-The 73 lb. box holding the crib came today! (Yes, Aaron carried it inside).
-I am so excited to have both pieces in the house ready for "Dad-to-Be" to work his handy-man magic.
-Once we have the crib assembled (hopefully this weekend) I will put up some pictures of our up-and-coming nursery.

Thank-you again for all of your prayers for us.  Aaron and I sometimes look at each other and have a surreal sense about all of this, but we are so grateful to have this blessing!  We are very, very excited to be on this journey to parenthood.  Your prayers are so appreciated!  Love, Reba

Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Weeks

Woo-hoo! We are 10 weeks along! That's a whopping 25%, people! :)

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Only 30 weeks left to go! :)

Little Baby P. will no longer be medically known as an "embryo" by the end of this week.  Instead, we graduate to the "fetus" stage.  Fetus is an odd word to me, and my Little Baby P. has been and will always be considered a "baby" during this pregnancy and for the months following.  However, the word "fetus" doesn't seem so odd now that I learned that it simply means "little one."

Developments for Little Baby P:

- This week the "tail" has fused into the spinal column.
-Little Baby P. has discernible fingers and toes (yay!)
-The skeleton is starting to grow & harden
-Little Baby P.'s ears are beginning to take shape
-The eyelids are no longer transparent
-Tooth buds are forming (this totally blows me away!)
-If Little Baby P. is a boy, then testosterone is being produced
-The kidneys are creating urine
-Little Baby P.'s brain is creating 25,000 neurons each minute this week! I reiterate the statement that we're gonna have one smart kid!
-Little Baby P. tips the scale at 4 grams this week (about as much as 8 paper-clips)

This week, Little Baby P. is an inch and a half long.  That's roughly the size of a mondo Brazil nut (you know, those are the HUGE ones in the mixed nut container):

(Photo credit: howmanycaloriesshouldieataday.com)

...or a small plum:

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My Cravings:

-Peanut Butter (JIF is preferred)
-Bananas (with peanut butter)
-Gala apple slices (with peanut butter)
-Grilled meat (Aaron made fabulous seasoned pork chops earlier this week. YUM!)

Notice I didn't write Arby's. I think I've kicked the craving, folks. :)

I haven't experienced any morning sickness (or afternoon, or evening...) in quite a while and I am very blessed!  I continue on the tired path and usually fall asleep on the couch around 8:00 every night.  Overall, I'm feeling a little more energized and very excited to have our next doctor's appointment next Thursday.

Thanks again for all of your prayers as we joyfully continue our journey to parenthood! Love, Reba