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Friday, February 3, 2012

10 Weeks

Woo-hoo! We are 10 weeks along! That's a whopping 25%, people! :)

(Photo credit: rising-global.com)

Only 30 weeks left to go! :)

Little Baby P. will no longer be medically known as an "embryo" by the end of this week.  Instead, we graduate to the "fetus" stage.  Fetus is an odd word to me, and my Little Baby P. has been and will always be considered a "baby" during this pregnancy and for the months following.  However, the word "fetus" doesn't seem so odd now that I learned that it simply means "little one."

Developments for Little Baby P:

- This week the "tail" has fused into the spinal column.
-Little Baby P. has discernible fingers and toes (yay!)
-The skeleton is starting to grow & harden
-Little Baby P.'s ears are beginning to take shape
-The eyelids are no longer transparent
-Tooth buds are forming (this totally blows me away!)
-If Little Baby P. is a boy, then testosterone is being produced
-The kidneys are creating urine
-Little Baby P.'s brain is creating 25,000 neurons each minute this week! I reiterate the statement that we're gonna have one smart kid!
-Little Baby P. tips the scale at 4 grams this week (about as much as 8 paper-clips)

This week, Little Baby P. is an inch and a half long.  That's roughly the size of a mondo Brazil nut (you know, those are the HUGE ones in the mixed nut container):

(Photo credit: howmanycaloriesshouldieataday.com)

...or a small plum:

(Photo credit: pictureshunt.com)

My Cravings:

-Peanut Butter (JIF is preferred)
-Bananas (with peanut butter)
-Gala apple slices (with peanut butter)
-Grilled meat (Aaron made fabulous seasoned pork chops earlier this week. YUM!)

Notice I didn't write Arby's. I think I've kicked the craving, folks. :)

I haven't experienced any morning sickness (or afternoon, or evening...) in quite a while and I am very blessed!  I continue on the tired path and usually fall asleep on the couch around 8:00 every night.  Overall, I'm feeling a little more energized and very excited to have our next doctor's appointment next Thursday.

Thanks again for all of your prayers as we joyfully continue our journey to parenthood! Love, Reba

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