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Friday, February 24, 2012

13 Weeks

We are done with the first trimester!  This is such a huge blessing and we are very grateful!

Supposedly, during the second trimester I will regain some energy.  I have pretended that I am already gaining some of that energy, but my eyelids still tattle on me at 7:00 when I'm nodding off.

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Little Baby P. is growing and my belly is starting to grow as well.  I'm in what I call the "awkward" phase-- where my maternity clothes are still a little too big, but my regular clothes are a little too small.  Today, I wore a pair of maternity jeans which were still a little too big, so I felt awkward all day long at my desk.  I also have found out that maternity pants, since they have so much elastic in them, get a funky "rubbery" smell after being put in the dryer.  To me, they smell like a Mickey Mouse kid tent.
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So, I smelled like Mickey Mouse tent all day until I could go home and change clothes.  :) 

Baby Growth:

-Nose and lips are completely formed.
-Little Baby P. can make a fist & suck his or her thumb
-The eyelids have fused shut to protect the eyes as they continue developing
-Little Baby P.'s bones and skull are solidifying
-Ribs begin to appear
-Little Baby P.'s intestines (which were partly in the umbilical cord last week) are now tucked inside
-Tooth sockets have tiny teeth that will make their appearance several months after Little Baby P. is born
-Vocal cords and the larynx are completely formed and ready to cry, coo, and giggle in just a few short months! :)
-Little Baby P. weighs 20 grams and is 3 inches long, or about the length of a Nutter Butter:

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and about the size of a peach:

(Photo credit: picturesclip.com)

We are more excited every day about becoming parents.  We look forward to the joys and changes that accompany this journey.  Thank-you for keeping us in your prayers! Love, Reba 

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