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Friday, February 10, 2012

11 Weeks

We are 11 weeks along!

We had a doctor's appointment yesterday.  Since it was in the morning, Dad was able to come with me.  It was not an ultrasound appointment, but I was really hoping to hear the baby's heartbeat through the Doppler (a Fisher-Price microphone-looking device):

(Photo credit: ebayimg.com)

Though Aaron and I were able to hear the heartbeat a month ago during the ultrasound, the baby's heartbeat isn't loud enough yet to be heard with the Doppler, so the Doctor didn't use it during this visit.  He confirmed that the lab-work from the last visit was great and that everything looks wonderful.  It's always nice to get a good report!  Our next appointment is scheduled for a month from yesterday and I'm already looking forward to it!  During the next appointment (which won't have an ultrasound either), the Doctor will attempt to use the Doppler to hear Little Baby P.'s heartbeat. 

This week, Little Baby P. is 2 inches long, which is roughly the length of a sugar packet:

(Photo credit: blogspot.com)

and is about the size of a large lime:

(Photo credit: pictureshunt.com)

Little Baby P. weighs 1/3 of an ounce, which is about the weight of 2 sugar packets.  With all these sugar and lime comparisons, apparently, Little Baby P. is a whole lotta sweet, and a little bit of sour. ;)

Baby Growth:

-All vital organs are formed and functioning (The risk of defects decreases this week since Little Baby P. is less susceptible to outside influences).
-Fingernail and toenail beds are beginning to form. 
-Little Baby P.'s head is nearly as big as the rest of his or her body (Once again, folks, we're gonna have one smart kid!) :)
-If Little Baby P. is a boy, the testes have formed.
-If Little Baby P. is a girl instead, the ovaries have formed.
-Little Baby P. can sigh, stretch, move his or her head, suck his or her thumb, flail the arms and legs and do somersaults.  (I won't be able to feel all these movements for several more weeks, but Little Baby P. is trying out all the dance moves now in order to impress me later)  :)
-Little Baby P.'s ears assume the proper place:

(Photo credit: blogspot.com)

Yes, we will love Little Baby P. even if he or she has ears like this :)

In the next 9 weeks, Little Baby P. will increase 30 times in weight and will almost triple in length.  That's a lot of growing taking place in there!

My Cravings:

-This week I'm still on the peanut butter kick.  Still preferring JIF... it's what choosy moms choose, after all.

Nursery News:

-At the end of last week, Aaron and I took advantage of the Target Baby Sale and ordered a crib that was reduced in price and came with a free crib mattress.  :)  I love sales.
-The mattress arrived on Wednesday and the box is imprinted with "New Baby Bed." :) Yay!
-The 73 lb. box holding the crib came today! (Yes, Aaron carried it inside).
-I am so excited to have both pieces in the house ready for "Dad-to-Be" to work his handy-man magic.
-Once we have the crib assembled (hopefully this weekend) I will put up some pictures of our up-and-coming nursery.

Thank-you again for all of your prayers for us.  Aaron and I sometimes look at each other and have a surreal sense about all of this, but we are so grateful to have this blessing!  We are very, very excited to be on this journey to parenthood.  Your prayers are so appreciated!  Love, Reba

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