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Friday, February 17, 2012

12 Weeks

We are at 12 Weeks!  That means our first tri-mester is almost over!  Woo-hoo! 

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The doctor has increased my thyroid medicine twice now, so hopefully that will be delivering some much-needed energy soon.  Throughout this first tri-mester, I've been the "early-to-bed party pooper."  We're talking 6:30-7:00 bedtimes, folks.

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The clock strikes, and I am out like a light. :(  I guess Little Baby P. has me workin' hard at providing a home for our growing Little Kiddle.

Baby Growth:

-This week, Little Baby P.'s eyes have moved to the front of the head.
-The ears are in place!
-The intestines are formed, but Little Baby P. isn't quite big enough to hold all of that in yet, so parts of the intestines are chillin' in the umbilical cord.
-Little Baby P.'s fingernails and toenails are forming.
-The chin and nose are more defined.
-The digestive system is busy practicing the contraction movements that will be a necessary action after birth when Little Baby P. gets to eat.
-Little Baby P. is practicing swallowing. 
-The bone marrow is busy making white blood cells, which will help fight off the germs that his or her future playmates choose to pass around. :)
-Little Baby P. weighs almost 1/2 ounce and is 2 1/2 inches long, which is the length of a Vienna sausage:

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And about the size of a large plum:

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My Cravings:

-Water (It just tastes extra good this week!  I drink around 4 cups just standing at the sink in the morning while I get ready for work!)
-Milk (Also just has a wonderful refreshing taste this week! Especially at breakfast to accompany my scrambled-egg sandwich or PB&J)
-Cran-apple juice
-Grape juice (which I don't have any of, but would like to go get)
-Apple slices (seems to be the perfect, crunchy snack)

Well, my nursery looks a lot like it did last week: a crowded guest room.  :)  We have not assembled the crib yet.  But we aren't in a huge rush either so that's good. :)

Aaron and I did go out last weekend and buy a stroller/car seat combo.  We decided to go ahead and knock out that purchase.  We felt it was imporant as parents to buy the crib and stroller/car seat ourselves.

Thanks again for all of your prayers for us.  We are continually excited about becoming parents!  Love, Reba

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