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Friday, November 16, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

Welp, I got on the lonely train and debated whether or not to continue this blog.  It seemed that now that my little one has arrived, it’s not as much fun for people to read about the ins and outs of our lives.  But, just recently, I’ve had a few people ask for the blog to continue.   One said that even if no one else reads it, she finds joy in it and it’s a good history for Michael.  Well, that was enough to spark interest again for me.  I will do anything for my little boy, and if this is a good history of his early days, then the blog writing will continue!

As I promised (two weeks ago… sorry), I will share the news of the 2 Month doctor appointment.  Michael weighed nearly 14 and a half pounds.  He was 24 and a quarter inches long.  He’s even bigger now, of course, because that’s what babies do best—they grow.  And grow. And grow.

I am one proud Mommy.  Michael is such a joy!

 I bought him a super cute Thanksgiving hat and I will post pictures soon of him wearing it.  At that time I will also bring you more up to speed with our daily activities. :)  Michael and I plan on doing some Christmas crafts... I'm sure he'll love it.  I'll be sure to snap some pics of us in action. In addition, I plan on spending some time entertaining Michael by cleaning and organizing our home.  I'm incredibly curious to see if I can make it as a minimalist.  Less is more, and that mainly means less clutter to keep track of.  That way, I'll have more time to spend with our little cutie patootie.

Until my next post (which will hopefully be full of creativeness and cuteness), here are some pictures of our smiley lil guy!

Enjoying Daddy's goofiness before bath time

Sweet boy for Grandma Chips  (This is one of my favorite pictures of all time)

Being a little ham in the kitchen with Mommy

So fun to help Mommy in the kitchen on Saturday morning!

Michael LOVES putting his fingers in his mouth!  I treated him to a chilled teether this past week and he thought it was the bomb!  :)  It's SO much fun to be his Mommy!
Thanks for catching up with us.  Check back soon for an updated post to include the Thanksgiving hat, and the start of Christmas crafts!  Much love, Reba

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