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Thursday, December 6, 2012

3 Months: Quirks and Perks

On November 28, Michael turned 3 months old!  Time flies when you're having fun!

Every day gets easier and easier to care for this sweet little babe.  We are learning more about his personality and patterns every single day.   He is a happy happy baby and it's so fun to be his Mommy! 

This month, I’m throwing in some “quirks” (things we’re not fond of) and “perks” (things that make the quirks a little better) we’ve experienced as of late.



-the teething process has begun

·         Quirk: random sessions of scream cries

·         Perk: Michael still isn’t sleeping through the night, so we might as well battle both of these issues at once—teething discomfort, and incomplete nights of sleep.  Overall, Michael is still a super sweet baby, and that is the ultimate perk.

-Photo Book

·         Perk!  No quirks here!  I received a coupon for a free photo book from Shutterfly.  This sight is totally cool, and the discounts you can get are great!  Three years ago, I made a free book documenting our wedding day and it turned out fabulously!  So, I was super excited to receive another coupon so I could make Michael a book.  What made it even easier?  The fact that our baby is so photogenic!  I used about 50 pictures to document Michael’s life (to include 2 ultrasound pictures, and 2 pictures of me carrying our little boy during pregnancy).  I added in special Bible verses and captions.  There is even a “Grandparent page” where I compiled a photo of each of Michael’s grandparents holding him.  This book will be a great momento for Michael to treasure as he grows.



-Super tired

·         Quirk, obviously.  The 1:00 hour rolls around in the afternoon and I catch myself nodding off.  At work, being drowsy is not ideal.  So, what’s the perk?

·         Perk:  S’mores coffee creamer!  My husband is the bomb.com for finding this gem in the grocery store.  With the addition of this chocolate-y marshmallow-y goodness, I have begun to have a cup of coffee in the mornings.  Just a tad (and by tad, I mean a few several generous swirls around the cup) of this creamer in the morning cup-o-joe fuels me up!  Now I feel like the perky (no pun intended) Mommy I’m supposed to be!



-Working late

·         Quirk:  It’s never fun to be apart from Aaron.  He is such an amazing hard worker with a work ethic that puts the Energizer bunny to shame—he keeps going and going, and giving it 100% throughout it all.  His job has caused there to be some late nights, and Aaron gives it his all every day. 

·         Perk:  Overtime pay!  Although having a husband who is an outstanding employee to his company is satisfaction to me in and of itself, I must admit that it’s nice for him to see a little financial reward for his efforts.  Another perk?  The long days are currently behind us and we get to ride to work together again!


Family Activities:

·         The Christmas Tree is Up and Decorated!!! Aaron and I picked some of our favorite ornaments from our collection (if we were to put every ornament on, our poor little tree would tumble over) and adorned our tree.  Michael seems to like to look at the lights if you hold him and walk over to the tree.  However, one day he was sitting in his swing, looking at the tree and the lights were unplugged.  We went over to plug in the lights, and he burst into tears!  He takes after his mommy and doesn’t do change well. 

·         Instead of purchasing a vehicle, Aaron and I decided that our Christmas gift to each other would be a new mattress.  Getting another vehicle was not a necessity, but a new mattress quickly became a need. Our old mattress was really doing a number on Aaron’s back, so we invested in a new mattress guaranteed to relieve back pain.  We are able to each adjust our own sides of the bed to our liking, so he chose a setting that was a little firmer than he had been used to.  Last night was our first night to try it out, and he woke up without back pain!  I chose a setting that was softer than the mattress we had before.  It took me a while to get used to the feeling of a different kind of mattress. I kinda felt like I was sleeping in a weird hammock/water bed.  It’ll take me a little while to get used to it.  Of course, I know I can change the setting, but I’m waiting a couple nights (as the representative suggested) to get used to the current setting.


I keep promising a post full of Christmas creativeness, and it’s still coming, I promise!  Aaron and I get home around 3:30 on most days, and Michael’s bedtime is at 6:00pm.  So, we roughly get two and a half hours with our little guy before it’s off to Baby Dreamland for him.  Therefore, our afternoons are very precious and protected in order to spend time with our little man.  That means that our weekends become our running around days.  So, any shopping trips to pick up some crafty supplies must wait until Saturday.  Hopefully, this Saturday, Michael and I will make it out to Hobby Lobby to get our supplies.


My next post will include a picture of our Christmas tree, and hopefully some Christmas pictures of Michael and Akuna.  I plan to do an array of photos of Michael in Christmas outfits or in a Christmas-like setting for our photo Christmas card this year.  


The Christmas season thus far has been so much fun!  After Michael is all snuggled in bed, Aaron and I cozy up on our couch and watch Christmas movies while we eat our dinner.  It’s such a blessing to be able to spend quality time with my spouse in the evenings. 


In the next post, expect to see:

·         A photo of our Christmas tree

·         Some more pictures of Michael (of course)

·         Christmas crafts (fingers crossed!)



Until next time, enjoy these pictures of Michael that I took on the day he turned 3 Months Old:   


Much love, Reba

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