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Monday, July 29, 2013

Michael: 11 Months Old

Dear Michael,

Yesterday, you turned eleven months old!  Oh my goodness!  Only one month to go until your first birthday!   You are a sweet, smiley boy with a wonderful personality.  Each day, you find something new to do and I am so amazed by how much you've changed since the day you were born.  You are very much a toddler; I can hardly call you a baby anymore!  I know you'll be walking on your own before we know it!  You have a magnificent demeanor and you can always find something to laugh at.  You are proud of yourself and the new things you learn to do.  You are always seeking ways to do something new and exciting.  It is such a joy to watch you learn each day. 

Here are some of your stats:

Sizes:  Still in size 4 diapers.  Wearing 18-month onesies and 12-month pants or shorts. 

Drink:  You take four bottles a day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and bedtime (shortly after dinner).  You take sippy cups of water and/or unsweetened fruit juice made for toddlers.

Eat:  You eat baby oatmeal for breakfast, fruit for lunch, meat/veggie and a baby yogurt for dinner.  For snack, you can have baby cookies or cut up fruit or Nutri-grain bar, or pieces of biscuit or banana bread.  Even if you've eaten and had a bottle within the last 5 minutes, you still think you should be able to eat anything that your Daddy and I have on our plates.  You will crawl up to us, pull yourself to stand, and stand up beside us with your mouth wide open like a baby bird!  You're too cute for us to ignore, which means that you've been able to try some "grown up" food this past month to include:  a tiny bite of chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, grain of rice, cheese sauce from mac and cheese, tiny bite of egg drop soup broth, juice from a clementine wedge, etc. 

Sick:  This month we've traveled back to our doctor to check out a cyst on your eye-lid.  You are almost done with a 10-day dose of oral antibiotic (orange flavored, which you love), and an eye ointment (of which you're not quite a fan).  The positive side of going to the doctor's office is that you got to be weighed.  You currently weigh exactly 22 pounds. 


  • You clapped your hands!  Now, when I hold up one finger and say "One!" you clap your hands.  Whenever you randomly stop what you're doing to clap, we say "yay!" which makes you clap more.  When you get excited about something, you'll pause to clap your hands. This is the sweetest thing to watch!  Your daddy will say in a sing-song voice "Michael likes to clap his hands: clap clap clap clap" and you'll clap along to his song. 
  • You pet Akuna!  You LOVE to sit down beside Akuna and give him a belly rub.  I remind you to be gentle by saying "Gentle gentle; nice nice,"  which makes you laugh and clap your hands.  You think you are such a big boy when you can pet Akuna and Akuna just soaks it up!  We love watching you interact with your sweet puppy.


I love being your Mommy!   You are such an adorable, precious boy and your Daddy and I are very blessed.

Love you forever, 

Love, Mommy

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