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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Life Lately

I'm taking this brief moment to write a very short blog update.

Right now, Aaron is at Men's Bible Study and Michael is busy watching a show, and Noah is trying on Michael's shoes or showing me toys he has found.

I started working from home in mid-August.  I thought at first that I would have time to blog during my lunch breaks, etc.  But I was mistaken.  Working from home takes extra effort in some ways.  Right now, we're restricted on what we can actually work, so I'm fighting each day to find enough to do.  Also, since I'm at home all of the time, I find that I really value my lunch times just to get away from computers for 30 minutes.  I make myself lunch and watch "Four Weddings" and I always try to fold a load of laundry.  During my morning and afternoon breaks, I try to unload and reload the dishwasher.  Sometimes, I'll use the breaks to get things assembled for dinner (ie, if a crockpot recipe is on the menu, I'll throw everything in there during my morning break).

In the past two weeks, Michael has turned three and had two parties.  We had one small family party at our house.  Then yesterday, we had a bigger party at our church to include more family members and then some of my coworkers who have children Michael's age.  I took pictures (of decorations) at each party and I will have a blog post about that soon.

Michael had a good birthday.  I took the day off of work and it was SO NICE just to hang out with the boys all day long at home.  We didn't go anywhere.  We just enjoyed being home.  Michael politely insisted he was still two all day long, but eventually he came to terms with being three.

This week is VERY busy.  VERY.

Tomorrow, Michael has his three-year check up.  It'll be nice to get updated stats on his weight and height, etc, for all of the family we'll see this upcoming weekend.

On Tuesday, I have my home visit where a manager from work will come to my home to make sure I have an office space set up that's not smack in front of a TV, etc.

On Wednesday, Michael has his first dentist appointment.  The dentist told me that Michael will get to sit in the chair and they'll raise it up and lower it, and then they'll let him touch all of the dental instruments and maybe watch him brush his teeth-- maybe.  Then that's it for 6 months.  This is just a trip to get him used to going to the dentist.

On Thursday, Aaron picks up his tuxedo rental.

On Friday we'll head to the wedding site for rehearsal dinner.  We'll get to see lots of out-of-town family and I'm really excited about that!  We're really excited for Andrew and Becky and I think the wedding will be very sweet and charming.

So this week is just so packed and I'm hoping to get through everything with grace and a positive attitude.

Until Next Time,

Much love, Reba

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