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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: Mom Life

Today I'm linking up with super fun blogger, Andrea at Momfessionals, for Show & Tell Tuesdays.  The topic today is "Momfessionals Moments."

Oh this topic is so good!

Here are my confessions:

Phone Calls:
I've definitely locked the door of my bedroom and then gone into my closet to talk on the phone to insurance people or nurses.  Of course I make sure my boys are safe in the living room first without any chokable snacks around.  But sometimes, for real, this is the only way to get in an important phone call without madness ensuing.  Even so, while I'm in the closet, I can hear the knocks on my door and the tiny voices saying "Mom?  Mom are you there?"

Breakfast Time:
My two-year-old son has been in an "Only Mommy will do" mood since birth.  When we are home at the same time, he is right beside me.  Now I understand why my mom called me a "barnacle baby" while growing up.  Thanks, karma.  Now I have my own.  I can do nothing by myself-- shower, go to the bathroom, eat, nap....(wait, what's a nap?), so my husband and I have been known to be strategic about our mealtimes.  On Sunday mornings, he showers first while I'm feeding breakfast to the boys.  Then it's my turn to shower and my husband will usually prepare breakfast and then bring it to me and set it on the bathroom counter so I can eat in peace after I'm done getting dressed.  Our bathroom mats are super soft and comfy, and I usually just sit there on the floor with my back pressed up against the tub, and I enjoy each bite of my food. 

Coffee Mug Moves:
If we have a batch of cookies in our house, I will occasionally eat one for breakfast, and I will hide it behind my coffee mug so that my boys can't see it.  I'll sneak in bites like a ninja, and they give me the side-eye because they're not sure I'm actually eating, but if I am, then they're sure it's not the same thing that they have. My three-year-old has caught me before, and he asks "What is that?  Is that a cookie?  Are you eating a cookie for breakfast?" And I reply "This is my special mom breakfast."

Invisible Blanket:
If my boys are being extra whiney or crying about nothing (or everything, if they're tired), then I sit on the couch and cover myself with a blanket and I tell them I can't hear any cries or whines.  It works for about 3 minutes. 

New car, no CD:
My boys love the "Kids Sing Praise" CD, and I do love having my boys listen to it since these are songs I remember from when I was a kid.  This CD is currently in our SUV, and it's on all the time unless my husband and I are driving solo. The problem is that my two-year-old only wants to hear "Deep Wide" (Deep and Wide), and "Amen!" (If You're Saved and You Know it, Say Amen).  So, we play those two songs over and over and over and over.  Imagine my delight when I took the boys out yesterday and realized that I was in a different car, since my husband took the SUV to work.  My two-year-old asks for "Deep Wide, Deep Wide" and I just had to say "Sorry buddy, that CD isn't in this car." #sorrynotsorry

Coffee Notes
I work from home and my office is in a spare bedroom.  On New Years Eve, I had to work the whole day, but my husband was off.  So he had the boys at home to watch them for the day and we knew it would be a battle to make sure I stayed hidden so that I could actually work instead of having constant knocking at the office door saying "Mommy! Are you there?"  So, my two-year-old wakes up right at the start of my shift (6:00am), and my husband wakes to take care of him so that I can get started on work.  When both boys are eating breakfast, my husband sneaks some breakfast to me, but he forgot the coffee!  So, I try texting him, but his phone is still in our bedroom.  So I grab a sheet of computer paper, write "Coffee Please! Love you!", fold it into a paper airplane, and zoom it off down the hallway. Coffee arrived at my office door within minutes. :)

I hope you've enjoyed these confessions!  Being a mom is such a joy and it brings so much laughter.  I know these days when my boys are young will pass too quickly, so I'm trying to soak it all in now-- momfessional moments and all. 

Until Next Time, 
Much love, Reba


  1. I love these! I can relate to most of them, but the one thing I haven't tried is breakfast on the floor. I might steal that plan! :)

  2. Found your blog today

  3. I think that kids have a sixth sense that tells them when parents on the phone and that's when they go a) bizerk with tons of energy b) start asking a thousand and two questions or c) start doing some activity they have never done before that you would never allow them to do ever! :) Great confessions!