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Thursday, March 17, 2016


Just a random snap-shot of tidbits that I had the spare time to write tonight as the boys are in bed and Aaron is playing xbox.

OPENING: A couple of books!  I'm about a quarter of the way through Someday, Someday Maybe. I'm trying really hard to get into it because I loved Lauren Graham's role as Lorelai on Gilmore Girls and I really want to like her as an author.  It's a bit difficult to get into this book.  I'm hoping it gets easier as I read more of it.  A few weekends ago, my mom and I went to an anniversary sale of a local antique mall.  At that sale, I bought three books by one of my very favorite authors:  Lillian Jackson Braun.  She writes a cute mystery series called the "Cat Who..." books.  I've read too many of them to count.  I have not read them in any order whatsoever, and I love series like that-- when I can just pick one of the books and the characters unfold enough each story that it doesn't matter if I read the series in order or not. I found a plethora of these books at the antique store, but I limited myself to three (found in three different booths!) and now I know a source where I can go back to buy these books on discount.  Usually I buy them on Amazon or am gifted them at birthdays or Christmas.  The book I cracked open today was The Cat Who Went Into the Closet.  I learned my lesson, though, not to leave the book on the back of the couch when I prepare dinner.  Otherwise, a curious two-year-old might rip out the first three pages.  Oops.  Lesson learned.

EATING: This week, I've made this recipe of cookies twice.   Once was just for us, since we like these cookies so much.  The other time I made them was with the intention for Aaron to take them to church on Wednesday night since there is a meal provided, and normally we bring some type of dessert.  Aaron and I switch weeks for which one of us gets to go to Wednesday night church, since it starts right before the boys' bedtime.  This week was Aaron's week to go, so I made a batch of cookies for him to take with him.  Right before he got home, I realized that the whole tin of cookies was still on the counter.  I had way too many for breakfast and have had a tummy ache for about 6 hours now because of it.  Lesson learned.  (I'm sensing a theme.)

WEARING: A t-shirt and pajama pants since I'm about to go to bed after I finish this post.  Today, I only had to leave the house to go pick up the boys, so I wore a t-shirt and shorts since it's in the 80's here and humid.  Normally, I'm all about the fall weather.  This year, we had zero fall weather, and approximately twenty days of "winter" weather and now we're back to "fake spring trying to be summer."  I'm continually checking online sales to see if I can strike a deal on some cute summer dresses.  My favorites so far are these:  dress 1, dress 2, and dress 3.  I know all of them are basic, but I'm hoping that gives me a neutral palate to use some fun jewelry with!  (I'm not typically a jewelry wearer, but I'm trying to branch out).

WATCHING: Aaron and I just started watching the first season of "The Americans" last week.  We finished episode 4 tonight.  We don't get to watch it every night, since we're pretty busy and spread out during the week-nights, and we try to make sure we can devote a full hour to the show so that we can watch it intently.  We are both really liking it so far, and I'm really excited that Amazon Prime has the first 3 seasons! We'll be set for a while. I was getting pretty tired of our normal show options, so this is a good change of pace. During the day, I still have "Fixer Upper" or "Flip or Flop" on in the background.

STILL REMEMBERING: The adorable baby shower that two friends and I hosted for another friend of ours this past weekend! Our friend is having a baby girl and it was so fun to go totally pink with all of the decorations! Baby stuff is always so cute and it was so fun to celebrate with a friend!

This weekend, the county we live in, and the neighboring county begin spring break, so that means Aaron does not have a soccer game to coach on Saturday.  We are using part of our free weekend to take both dogs to the vet. Yippee.  We did this last year on our "off weekend" from Upwards as well.  You do what you gotta do.  I don't want to wrangle two dogs and two young kids into the vet office alone-- so we maximize our time and tag-team it.  Our vet office is small, and they can accommodate both dogs sharing one appointment time, so it really doesn't take too much time out of our day.  On Sunday afternoon, our church is having their big Easter Eggstravaganza, and Aaron and I are going just as parents this time.  We are looking forward to watching the excitement on our boys' faces as they play games and hunt for eggs!  I'll be sure to take pictures!  Also, I haven't forgotten that I am planning on doing a "Things My Kids Say" post, and a post about the baby shower for my friend, and a post about our summer plans!  If there's anything that could really make me excited for summertime (and it's hot weather), it's our plans!!!! Stay tuned!

Until Next Time,
Much love, Reba

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  1. Americans!!!!!!!!! Love Love Love that show. I have a huge girl crush on Keri Russell. Also, neat fact, a lot of the scenes are filmed in Brooklyn and one park in particular is in our neighborhood. I hope you love the series.