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Friday, January 13, 2012

7 Weeks

This Thursday was our 7 week mark.

Yesterday we had our first Doctor appointment. It included an ultrasound, a physical exam, a flu shot, and bloodwork. (Fortunately, Aaron was there to hold my hand for the shot and the bloodwork!) :)

I was excited to have the first stop be the ultrasound! We could see Baby's tiny heart beating and then we got to hear it! It's a confident "swish/swish" sound at the moment. Baby's heart beat measures at 141-- and the Nurse says this is just fine. All of the measurements for the Baby line up with the dates we expected and confirms that we are 7 weeks along.

Take a looksie at our cute little growing Baby:

And all at once we say "Awwww" :) (Picture the Baby lying on his or her side with the head on the left and the little leg buds showing toward the right).

For some perspective on size, this week our baby is the size of a Tic-Tac.

Our due date is set for August 30th. If our Baby is one of the 5% born on the due date, he or she will have a birthday exactly one week before my mom's, which is one week before Randy's, which is one week before Aaron's. Needless to say, it would be pretty fun to have a birthday party every weekend for a month!

Milestones this week:

-This week our baby's brain is growing at 100 cells per minute! We're gonna have one smart kid!

-Little arms and legs are developing

-Baby's eyes are open (though he or she doesn't have irises just yet)

Cravings this week:

-Angel food cake topped with berries (I only have one slice a day, I promise)

-Arby's (I told Aaron that after going through all the tests and bloodwork yesterday that I deserved to go to Arby's) :)

-Orange juice (Only one cup every couple of days)

-Cran-apple juice (Also, only one cup every couple of days).

I will probably add a new post every Friday afternoon.  Thursdays will mark our week# and each week I'll try to add milestones and cravings, and a picture or reference as to the size of little Baby.
Please keep us in your prayers as we happily continue our journey to parenthood!

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