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Friday, January 20, 2012

8 Weeks

We have reached the 8-week mark!

This week, little Baby Petersen is about 1/2 inch long. 

That's roughly the size of the diamond in Nicole Richie's engagement ring.  (Don't know who Nicole Richie is? That's ok.  I'm not a fan, but here's a picture of the bling-y ring-y):

Another way to think about it is this: When looking at your thumb, the length from the top knuckle to the tip of your thumb is roughly one inch...Therefore, Little Baby P. is half the length.

Baby Milestones this Week:
-eyelids, ears, upper lip & the tip of the little button nose are forming.
-tiny webbed fingers and toes will grow this week :)
-Baby's little heart has four distinct chambers now, and is beating at roughly 150 beats per minute (which is nearly half of an average person's heartbeat while at rest).

My Cravings this Week:
-anything that has to do with oranges! (Oranges themselves, tangerines, tangelos, orange juice, etc.) It doesn't matter if I just get to smell the orange or eat one myself, I LOVE oranges this week!
-veggies with Mom's amazing veggie dip.  (I wasn't really too fond of eating fresh veggies in the past weeks, but after getting to hang out with Mom on Monday during the holiday, fresh veggies have been more appealing.  Mom made me a little care bag filled with fresh veggies that were cut-up and ready to be snacked on!)
-Lemon wedge in my water. (Other drinks, besides orange juice and milk, haven't been appealing. So to dress up my water, Mom suggested dropping a lemon wedge in it. It works! I've had the appropriate amount of water each day!)
-Aaron's homemade seafood alfredo.  (A buddy at work who is also expecting goes on 2 short walks with me during our break times at work each day.  She mentioned that she had seafood alfredo for dinner one night, and that was that! I texted Aaron that he needed to make his version ASAP! He was a wonderful husband and made it last night. I had a bowl of it and it totally hit the spot!) :)
-I still am loving Arby's. (Don't worry... I don't give into the craving too much). :)

I look forward to "Baby Blog Day" each week because I am excited to share these milestones with you.  Thank-you for reading the updates and for keeping us in your prayers!

Love, Reba

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