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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Recap & Pregnancy Update

Thanksgiving was super fun!  It is totally my favorite holiday and even with the diet restrictions of gestational diabetes, I still fully enjoyed myself and loved every minute of the day.

On Wednesday, I had an OB appointment.  I was 33 weeks along, and Noah was the size of a Durian fruit!  I'm pretty sure he has turned to be head-down in the womb.  At the appointment, everything went well.  This time, I had the Strep B test done-- totally not fun.  I am so glad to get that out of the way!  The doctor was pleased with my blood sugar numbers.  I go back for another appointment in a week. 

On Thanksgiving day, Michael and I woke up around 8:00.  I set the TV to record the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade so that when Aaron woke up we'd be able to watch it together.  Michael and I played with toys, and he ate breakfast while I enjoyed a cup of decaf coffee. 

When Aaron got up, we watched the parade and Michael was even interested in some parts of it--mainly the singing that went on by the Broadway groups.  He took a good morning nap and Aaron and I enjoyed our breakfast together-- my fabulous husband made a low carb breakfast that didn't skimp on taste in the least! :) 

We assembled our Thanksgiving dishes (green bean casserole and rolls) and headed to the neighborhood to Aaron's mom's home around 1:30.  Once there, Michael played and I followed him around the house until the dinner was ready.  Michael was dressed to the nines in a festive bib I got for him on sale at Hobby Lobby.  It was a white bib with a turkey on it, and it said "Gobble Gobble."  Michael isn't really a bib wearer, but I figured it wouldn't hurt for a day and I really wanted him to have something festive to wear!  I served him a nice variety of food on his Thanksgiving plate from his Aunt Bethany, and I served myself a plate of some indulgences (a small portion of stuffing and green bean casserole) and low-carb items (super tasty!). 

I was busy feeding him from his special plate, but that only lasted about 10 bites until he was frustrated and just wanted to feed himself!  So I put his plate on his high-chair tray and he went to town!  He played with his mashed potatoes, and ate a good portion of the food on his plate (mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, and turkey).  Sure, he made a mess, but I didn't mind at all.  He was learning and having fun in the process.  I brought a change of clothes for him and with a few wipes of his face and the high chair tray, he was as good as new!  And the dogs got a nice little Thanksgiving bonus from the crumbs Michael dropped all around his chair.  :) 

Doesn't he look like he's having a blast?!?  His face totally lit up when I handed him his own plate. :) 

Afterwards, after a break from all of the food, Aaron and I played a quick game of Skip-Bo while Michael entertained the rest of the family with his jibber jabbers and walking around with his blankie on his head (he was quite proud of himself, by the way.) :)

We had a great selection of pies to choose from.  I enjoyed a serving of crustless pumpkin pie made with Splenda.  It was fantastic!  I really enjoyed the conversation and relaxation that our Thanksgiving brought.  It is SUCH a blessing to be able to spend the holiday with family.  To be in a place where you are loved and your children are loved is truly something special.  There's an extra dose of relaxation that comes with that because I knew that it was ok if my son made a mess at the table.  It was ok if he ran off his energy afterwards.  My husband and I got to enjoy some quality time and friendly competition in our card game.  We ate our pie in the dining room and were joined by our moms.  Talking with them and sharing stories was such fun!  And did I mention it was cold?!?  That always makes it feel more like a holiday to me!  The day really couldn't have been any better and I am very blessed.

My younger brother came home with us and spent the night so that he could play video games with Aaron and go hunting the next morning.  Michael and I woke up when they did and spent the day at my mom's house watching Christmas movies until the boys came home around lunchtime.  Then, Aaron, Michael, and I went home to enjoy some family time.  That evening, we took Michael and Akuna back to my mom and dad's house to spend the night so that Aaron and I could go on a date!  We went out to eat and afterwards bought a car-seat/booster seat for Michael that could go in Aaron's car.  We came home and watched a movie together and slept in the next morning!  That was such a fun night and we're very thankful to my parents for giving us that opportunity.

On Saturday, we hosted my parents and younger brother for the Iron Bowl.  We made an array of snacks to enjoy during the game.  Michael thoroughly enjoyed cheese cubes, some ham, and sausage balls. :)  It was another great day and made me even more appreciative of the time we get to spend with family.

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as wonderful as ours.  We look forward to Christmas and the time we get to spend with family.  Shortly thereafter, Noah will arrive and we are very anxious to meet our little man.  :) 

Much love, Reba

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