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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Favorites: Pepperminty Fresh

The holidays bring about fond memories of family traditions and fun hang-outs with friends.  This time of year, I find myself "craving" certain scents and tastes moreso than at other times of the year.  I thought it would be fun to blog about some of my holiday favorites. 

This time, it's all about the peppermint!

I recently stumbled upon an amazing lip balm from Blistex.  Not only does it come in a festive tube of Christmasy green, but it has a great minty scent!  It is called Blistex Medicated Mint Balm and you can find it here

Another festive favorite is the Twisted Peppermint line from Bath and Body Works:

For Christmas several years ago, I received Twisted Peppermint lip-balm (which you can find here).  The lip-balm was tri-colored (pink, white, and red) in a swirl and was very very minty!  I loved this lip-balm and it's perfect for use during the winter! 

In college, my roommates and I discovered the Twisted Peppermint hand soap (found here ).  This soap smells soooo good!  We kept it at the kitchen sink and would purposely go wash our hands about every 10 minutes because we LOVED the scent of this soap! 

Last year for Christmas, I received a bottle of the Twisted Peppermint body lotion (found here ).  I keep this lotion on my desk at work.  It smells amazing and really does a great job of softening skin.  It's a light scent so it doesn't overwhelm or overpower.  Perfect for a workplace setting!

I also received the Twisted Peppermint candle (found here ) for Christmas.  This candle's scent fills the room with a nice aroma and I received many compliments on it.  I like to use it in the kitchen-- I place the candle on the stovetop (away from tiny fingers) and it fills my kitchen and dining room with a refreshing minty scent. 

If all of these peppermint scents make you want to eat something pepperminty, I suggest Hershey's Candy Cane Kisses, which can be found here .  They are a Christmas favorite for both Aaron and me, although this year I'll refrain from indulging due to the gestational diabetes.  But, they are the perfect pepperminty snack at Christmastime!  I highly recommend them!

I hope you've enjoyed this collection of my favorite pepperminty things! 
Check back in a few days for a Thanksgiving recap!  I cannot wait!

Much love, Reba

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