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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Noah: One Month

Noah is officially 6 weeks old today! Time has flown by!

I'm taking advantage of a moment when Michael is napping, and Noah is chatting to himself in his crib as he settles down for a nap.  I thought I'd take a quick moment and write a bit about Noah's stats at one and a half months old.

Clothing: Noah wears size 0-3 month onesies and pants.  He is still skinny enough to fit into newborn clothes, but his length prohibits him from wearing newborn footie pajamas anymore.  Those were the first articles of clothing that he outgrew-- and it took him 4 weeks to do so!  That makes me a little sentimental since there is a very good chance that Noah is our last biological child, and he's already outgrowing clothes!

Diapers: Noah wears Kirkland signature (Costco brand) diapers in size 1-2.  Kirkland signatures makes one diaper that accommodates babies all the way from size 1 into size 2.  They don't make a separate size 1 and a separate size 2 diaper.  Noah could still fit into newborn diapers, but I choose not to use them because it's nice to have a little extra room in the diaper in case of a potential blow-out.

Sleeping: Noah, like Michael at his age, LOVES to snuggle and nap in your arms!  Noah naps very well in my arms, but sometimes I do have to set him down in order to hug & hold Michael, and to do some housework (housework? What's that?) :)  This week, we have had a few nights where Noah has gone over 4 hours between feedings.  That means that some nights, I've only had to get up once to feed him! FABULOUS!  I'm hoping that this trend continues and by the time I return to work, he is sleeping for 5-6 hours at night.  Or 7-8.  That would be fine too.  :)

Nursery: At Noah's one month appointment, the doctor said it was just fine if we moved him into his own room.  She said he might start sleeping for longer stretches at night if he were in his own room and didn't constantly hear us as we moved about in our room.  So, a few nights after Noah turned one month old, we transitioned him into his own room.  Aaron set up the crib in his "man room" and he moved my swivel-rocking chair in there for me to be able to nurse Noah in his own room in the middle of the night.  Noah does a fantastic job sleeping in his own room.  I attribute part of his success to the swaddle blanket my sister-in-law bought for him.  This blanket is fantastic and keeps Noah nice and securely wrapped up so his arms don't flail and startle him awake.  Having Noah in his own room is a little different for us because we didn't move Michael into his own room until he was 4 months old.  I'm hoping that this transition helps Noah sleep through the night earlier than Michael did.  A good night's sleep is helpful for all involved. :)

Vocal: Noah is quite the vocal baby.  Not by crying (although he can do that quite loudly when he's upset and hungry), but by just simply making baby sounds.  When Noah yawns, there's a little squeaking sound he makes when he's done.  When he sucks his pacifier, he makes a sound like "eh-eh-eh." He makes a little squeaky sound when he naps.  He's just very vocal.  Now, for a newborn in the hospital, this would cause alarm.  However, Noah's breathing patterns are not irregular and he is not showing signs of distress.  Because he's always made these noises, they are not cause for concern.  I made sure to ask the pediatrician about it at Noah's first month appointment.

First month stats: Noah, at his first month appointment, weighed an even 10 pounds and was 22.5 inches long.  So, he gained nearly 3 pounds, and grew an inch and a half! He now sports a cute double chin.  :) He is in the 50th percentile for weight, and the 75th percentile for height. 

Aaron and I are completely blessed with our little boys.  We love parenting our little guys and are excited to see the personality of each boy develop. 

God has truly blessed us. 

Here's the first smile caught on camera!

Much love, Reba

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