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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Noah: 6 Months

*I started writing this post on Wednesday July 9, 2014 when Noah turned 6 months old.  I finished writing the 2nd half of this post on Tuesday, July 15, 2014—the day following Noah’s 6 month check-up.



Dear Little Noah,


Today you are 6 months old!  You are just the most adorable, chubby baby with the sweetest, warmest gummy smile!  I love you to pieces!  Just absolute pieces!


You bring such joy to our lives.  We are more complete as a family because of you and we love you deeply.  You add that extra touch of silliness and the reminder that there’s always something to smile about!


You are very tall and cannot easily fit into footie-pajamas—even 9-month size ones.  I prefer to dress you in footless PJs so you can have some wiggle room.  At bedtime, we put you in PJs and an overnight diapers and we zip up your sleep sack.  On most nights, you go to bed fairly easily and last night you went to bed at 6:30!  Usually, we end up putting you in bed around 8:00.  It just depends on the day and how awake you are at that time of evening.  You have done a stellar job with practicing sleeping through the night.  You have had SEVERAL nights when you’ve slept through the entire night, and that is such a blessing and accomplishment! 


You have tried out rice cereal now a couple nights in a row at dinnertime.  The first night, your Daddy and I fed you about 6 bites (complete with grossed out facial expressions) before you knocked over your entire bowl of cereal right into your lap.  What a mess!  J  Last night, you really started to get the hang of it and actually swallowed more bites than you spit out.   You did a really great job!  You still offered up facial expressions of disgust at the taste of the cereal, and I informed you that veggies and fruits will taste much better.  J  You are going to be a great eater—I can just tell.


You’re the master of rolling over now and you can do it so quickly!  When we put you in your crib now, you like to sleep on your side or roll onto your tummy.  You can swiftly roll yourself over onto your back if you choose to do so, and we always lay you in your crib on your back and let you decide what position you’d like to sleep in.  You are very much like your brother in that you like to have something pressing up against your head when you sleep.  Your brother would scoot himself towards an end in his crib until the crib slat was just touching his head.  We are seeing you do the same.


You LOVE holding burp cloths or hand towels right up to your cheeks.  I’m guessing it’s that extra bit of comfort and security that you feel that reminds you of being in my tummy.  You are the greatest snuggler and I hope you do not outgrow this.  When I pick you up and smile at you, you bury your face into my shoulder and it’s the funniest thing.  You exhibit this behavior to others when they look at you—you’ll catch their eye, smile a huge grin, and then proceed to bury your face in my shoulder as if you are shy.  As if.  Because we all know that you are not a shy baby.  You will be our social butterfly.


Yesterday, I took you to the doctor for your 6 month check up.  The nurse asked me how much I thought you weighed.  I thought back to how much your brother weighed at 6 months (19lbs 6 oz) and I didn’t think you weighed quite that much.  So I said “18 pounds.”  And guess what??? You weighed 18 pounds on the dot!   You are 26 inches tall.  You did fantastically with your vaccinations and only cried for nearly 4 seconds before I asked “Do you want to look outside?” I carried you to the window, and you instantly stopped crying.  The nurse whips around and says “Well, that was fast.”  J
You are such a joy.  Just pure joy and I love every single minute of being your mom.  I am so excited for what the future holds and I am extremely blessed to be able to witness your life.  I know God has great plans for you, Noah Scott.  All we have to do is let Him lead.  I pray that you will seek Him earnestly and always, Dear One. For He is the author and perfector of our faith.  He knows the number of days of our lives and has a purpose for each of us.  I know that His purpose for you is a fantastic one. 
I love you dearly, Sweet Noah.  Thank you for reminding us that there’s always something to smile about! 
I love you love you love you!
Love, Mommy

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