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Monday, February 2, 2015

More Silly Conversations

On the way to daycare the other day, Michael was chatting about colors. He looks at his blankie and says "oh! My mommy blankie is white!" I said "that's right! Good job!" A few minutes passed and I quizzed him.
Me: "What color is your mommy blankie?"
Michael: "white!"
Me: "yay!"
Michael: "mom, what color is the light?" (Referring to the traffic light)
Me: "green!"
Michael: good job! What color are trees?
Me: green!
Michael: what color is a sandwich?
Me: ummmm, white?
Michael: no! A sandwich is brown! A grilled cheese!

As we drive into the city, we pass lots of houses in close proximity to each other. I pointed them out one morning.
Me: look at all the houses!
Michael: those aren't houses! Those are gingerbread houses!

So now whenever we get into the city limits, he says "we see more gingerbreads?"

While we cross a big bridge right at sunrise, I point out the river.
Me: look at the water!
Michael: and a rainbow!
Me: that's the sunrise! Lots of colors! Isn't it pretty?
Michael: yep, it's a rainbow!

Michael: (crawls up on the couch next to me). Hey! Are you my best friend?
Me: yep!
Michael: aw! I love you!
This age is just so fun!
Until Next Time,
Much Love, Reba

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