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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Noah: 13 Months

Yesterday, Noah turned 13 months old!  I simply cannot believe how quickly time disappears once there are little kiddles crawling and running around!

Dearest Noah,

You are just a precious boy.  You are so sweet and lovable and cuddly and huggable and smiley and we just love everything about you!  You have the biggest blue eyes and you are super quick to smile.  It is such a needed moment in my day when I walk through the door and see your sweet smile and head-bob when we have eye contact!

You are so, so fast in your crawling!  Seriously, we can walk beside you and we've got to pick up the pace to keep up with you!  You've really increased the amount of time you spend cruising the furniture, so I'm sure you'll be walking before we know it!

You love people.  You smile at strangers in the grocery store.  You give high-fives to the men at church.  You tilt your head to the side to smile at family members.  You will instantly stop crying from your morning wake-up the moment you see your brother or your doggie.  You do not like to be in a room by yourself and you will seek out people to be around you.  I can tell that you're going to be the Barnacle Baby (a term my mom used to call me when I'd follow her around the house).  You love to be within arm's reach of whoever is around you.

Your brother is your best friend.  You intently watch him as he pushes race cars around the living room.  Once he leaves his cars behind while he searches for another toy, you speedily crawl to the cars and commence pushing them around the room in the same manner he did. You LOVE to play with Michael.  Neither of you are super keen on sharing, but you trade a lot.  You pull his hair, especially when riding in the grocery cart together.  You're at the age where we can tell you to stop, and you will look up at us and give a coy smile-- but we know you understand, little mister.  You're going to be the silently mischievous one, I can tell. 

You wear size 12-month clothes.  Sometimes we put you in some size 18-month things-- like pajamas.  We don't have many pajamas that are 12-month size, so we upgraded you to wearing 18-month pajamas and it works.  We also dress you in some 18-month onesies sometimes if they're extra super cute and we just can't hold off for 5 more months to put you in the clothes!  We've put you in size 18-month pants a couple of times, but they end up sliding off of you.  Your torso is long enough to where 9-month onesies are a little stretched, but your waist is small enough that 9-month pants still fit you.  Comfortably, though, you wear size 12-month clothes.

You wear size 4 diapers-- Costco brand (or Huggies, if they were on sale at Costco)-- and you wear size 4 Huggies Overnight diapers at night.  Target is the only store we've found that sells the Huggies brand of overnight diaper in bulk.  And, pointing back to the Costco references above, we're all about buying diapers in bulk.

You don't wear shoes too often--mainly because I'm having a hard time finding all of Michael's old baby shoes that would fit you.  When you do wear shoes, you can fit into a size 4.  You love to pull your socks off, so around your carseat is a collection of random socks from when you've pulled them off on the way to church or the grocery store or to visit grandparents.  When you're home and you find a sock on the floor, you will put it in your mouth and growl.  You get lots of laughs from Michael that way and he reminds you "Noah!  Socks aren't food!"

You love music and you love to wiggle when you hear songs!  It doesn't matter if it's a song on the radio, a commercial, a toy, or us singing-- you're moving and a-grooving when you hear some tunes!  I have recently discovered that "ABC's," "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," and "Jesus Loves Me" can get you to stop crying when we're dressing you in pajamas.  You know that playtime has ended and you cry when your daddy starts to say the nighttime prayer.  But we can soothe you with a song!  And with letting you pretend to "jump jump" on the bed while I hold you under your arms and bounce you up and down.  Your face erupts in a huge 6-tooth grin (4 on top, 2 on bottom) and it's just the most precious thing ever.

You love food.  Re-read:  YOU. LOVE. FOOD.  You would snack all day if we let you.  You like to eat the things your brother eats for supper:  grilled cheese sandwiches, fish sticks, sweet potato fries.  You also like applesauce (of many flavors), Puffs, Wagon Wheels (a puffed grain snack), bread, oatmeal, and shredded cheese. 

Noah, you're just so sweet and the perfect addition to our family.  You brighten our days, and we love watching you interact with Michael.  You two boys are just such sweet gifts from God.  You both make our family complete.  It's always nice to rely on the smiles you give.  They can light up a whole day.

I pray you seek Jesus earnestly and always. 

I love you sweet Noah boy.  Love, Mommy

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