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Friday, February 5, 2016

Tailor Success!

Last Friday, my mom and I went to a local tailor shop.  I have never taken any clothes to a tailor shop and I was a bit nervous.

I bought a really nice pair of flare jeans from Loft during a fantastic final sale (I paid $28.00 for them).  I read reviews first and I knew that the final sale meant I couldn't return the pants if I didn't like them. The pants were only available in "regular" size-- so they didn't have any "petite length" available. I sized up on purpose because, let's be real, I don't like to suck it in and I don't like to be uncomfortable whenever I'm sitting down.  My job is a sedentary job and I hate having jeans cut into my stomach as I'm sitting.  It just makes for an uncomfortable day, and I avoid uncomfortable things at all costs. :)  The reviews on these jeans were kind of all over the place.  Some reviewers admitted they were tall and that the pants were a fantastic fit for them.  However, the next review would be by someone of average height who said they could wear flats with the jeans and the length was fine.  So I took a risk and bought the jeans anyway even though the reviews were not conclusive as to the real length.  I have a very long torso and shorter legs, and I'm not a tall person (5'5"), so I knew the pants would probably be too long.

The pants arrived and I was right.  They were about 4 inches too long!  I wasn't super bothered because I knew I could roll them under and safety pin them, and I could ask my dad to hem them.  I washed them, then wore them safety pinned to church, and then I washed them again and asked my dad to hem them.  Aaron helped me safety pin them at the length I wanted, and I delivered the pants to my dad.  My mom called me the next day and told me that the pants were too nice for my dad to hem!  :)  So she offered to come to the tailor with me.  We decided to make a girl's afternoon out of it for that Friday.

We arrived at the tailor shop and I tried on the pants and stood on a small stage as the seamstress pinned the pants at the length I wanted.  I purposely wore the pair of flats that I planned on wearing with the pants most of the time.  That way, I knew the length would be right.  She pinned the pants, I took them off and left them with her and she wrote my name on the receipt and pinned it to the pants.  She told me to come back the following Tuesday to pick them up.

I was a bit nervous before picking them up because I wondered if they would do a proper jean hem-- by rolling the pants tightly underneath and sewing that rolled hem.  I had to pay for the hemming up front-- and it only cost $10.00 so I was wondering if I'd really only get $10 worth or if it would turn out to be worth much more than that and make the $10 look like a great deal.

I walked into the tailor shop and she handed me the jeans.  I was so satisfied!

They did a fantastic job!  They did a proper jean hem, as well as kept the flare to the pants!  Sometimes, when cutting off so many inches on pants, it's easy to lose the shape of the pants and they end up looking stumpy.  But this tailor did such a fantastic job!

Also, I wanted to share with you a link to one of my favorite shirts!

I got this shirt in a medium because I wanted a looser fit.  I was shocked at how soft it is!  I got it in the color "Winter is Coming" (a pale purple/blue) since I have nothing in that color.  I really like the length of the shirt itself, but I also like the length of the sleeves.  They are longer than normal and they don't ride up my wrists as I'm typing.

The seam of the shoulder is actually more on the upper bicep, which is slightly weird, but that's a trend these days and it's not a deal breaker for me.

The front of the shirt is a bit shorter than the back, but I like the longer back on this.

The shirt is very sheer, as you can see.   I definitely have to wear a cami with this, which I was slightly disappointed about, but again-- not a deal breaker.

Hope you've enjoyed this little fashion peek!

Until Next Time,
Much love, Reba

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