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Friday, July 22, 2016

Girls Weekend: Day Two

On Day Two, we woke up bright and early by 9:00am and grabbed some bagels for breakfast.  To tease Flam, I ate the Salt one.  Holy Saltlick!  I've never seen a bagel with that much salt on it!  It took LOTS of butter and cream cheese, but I ate the whole giant thing and liked it. 

We boarded a train around noon to head into the city.  We then caught the subway to Brooklyn.  We checked into our hotel and then walked to the Brooklyn Bridge.  This was my first time in Brooklyn and I was so excited to see this bridge up close!

 Next, we walked down to Jane's Carousel.

Then we caught a glimpse of a wedding happening underneath a bridge!

We took the subway to the Chelsea Market stop.  I had never been in Chelsea Market before.  We stopped in Anthropologie and I smelled their Capri Blue Volcano candle and made up my mind that I'd order it on Amazon to save six bucks.  #pinchingpennies

We then walked and walked and walked and walked.  And I began to question all of the great "comfy" reviews of the Converse Shoreline sneakers.  My feet were killing me.  We stopped for a drink at a tea and coffee place.  I got an iced Matcha tea and it was FABULOUS!  Makes me want to find Matcha somewhere down here in the South so I can recreate it. It was glorious!

We then took the Subway to One World Trade Center.

We looked at the memory pools.  So serene and a very fitting memorial.

Then we went inside the new New Jersey Path station.  It's still under construction in some parts, but it's an architect's dream building! Even I-- who am SO FAR AWAY from being an architect-- swooned at all the white marble and the clean lines!

Flam surprised us by booking tickets to the observatory.  The night view tickets were cheaper than the dinner hour tickets, so that's what we did.  We wandered around a nearby mall and ended up eating ice cream cones as a snack.  We then sat at the pier and watched kids swinging, people walking their dogs (some of these people were in stilettos for crying out loud), little kids jumping over the concrete bricks preparing for American Ninja Warrior no doubt, etc.

Finally, it was our turn to go up in the Freedom Tower.  The elevator ride did not disappoint!  Neither did the introduction to the views! My phone officially had 2% battery power, so Caitlin took the following pictures with her phone.

Looking down at the memory pools.

After this, Flam walked while Caitlin and I hobbled to the subway station.  We caught a train back to Brooklyn and wandered into the neighboring hotel's restaurant for some Italian food for dinner.  Flam and I each ordered ravioli and our bowls of 7 raviolis arrived and I scarfed mine down in approximately 4 and a half minutes.

We then crashed in the hotel-- very comfy sheets, might I add.  I hogged a whole bed to myself.  Hey, I have to share all the time anyway, so I was entitled.  Right?  I purposely took up the whole thing.  The AC was SO COLD but we couldn't figure out how to turn it down, so we were all each bundled up with as many blankets as we could find.

I woke first on day three.  #surprise  #not

I made myself a cup of coffee and read the two magazines in the hotel room while waiting for my besties to stir.  That's where I'll pick it up for Day Three.

Until Next Time,
Much love, Reba

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  1. So fun! I totally agree with your Converse shoes comment. I had a pair when I first moved to the city and they are NOT comfortable if you have to walk more than a mile in them. Never again. So neat to see your NYC perspective.