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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Girls' Weekend: Days 3 & 4

On Monday, July 4th, after my besties woke, we walked to a nearby bagel shop for breakfast.  Caitlin and I both got cinnamon swirl bagels with strawberry cream cheese.  She wiped about 75% of her cream cheese off.  I ate every last bite of mine!  Delicious!

Then we walked to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  Once we found out it was $12 per person to enter, we nixed that idea.  We then caught the subway to Central Park (after a Dunkin Donuts run, obviously).  I took an obligatory photo of the subway train heading to Lexington Avenue.  And then I took a photo on Lexington Avenue!  These photos were mainly for an inside joke with my mom.  We quote the movie "The Terminal" all the time, and one of my favorites to say is "One Seeex One.  Lexing Tone."

We wandered through Central Park, and I saw lots of places in it that I've never actually seen before in all my former NYC trips.  We went to the Big Green Lawn and the pond and watched people rowing the row boats backwards. :)  We wandered around some benches where I'm pretty sure some scenes of Impractical Jokers were filmed.  We stopped and got some drinks from a cart vendor and I picked Coke because 'Merica.  It was the fourth of July after all. 

And I took a picture of Trump Tower for Aaron. 

We then went to Washington Square Park so I could see the arch. 

We sat on the benches here for a while and rested our feet.  Then we caught a subway train back to Brooklyn where we checked out of the hotel and heading back into Manhattan to catch the New Jersey transit back to Caitlin's.  

When we arrived back in her town, we stopped for Chinese food for dinner.  Caitlin's boyfriend whispered to her that he was worried I wouldn't know how to order "this kind of Chinese food" because surely we didn't have anything like it in the South.  Au contraire. Our "to-go" Chinese restaurants are exactly like New Jersey's. 

We then swung by the grocery store so Flam and I could stock up on snacks for our movie day, and  I saw the coolest kid-cart in the parking lot! 

The following day, Caitlin had to return to work.  Flam and I ate leftover bagels for breakfast.  Then we picked a few different movies and Netflix series to watch.  We ate leftover pizza and ice cream sundaes for lunch. And then we each took up a section of the couch and had a GLORIOUS two hour nap!  Shortly after that, Caitlin arrived home, and her boyfriend arrived home about 30 minutes after she did.  Caitlin and her boyfriend cooked a pasta dinner for us.  Then they took us around their hometown to show us all of her boyfriend's architecture projects, and then to get Italian ice. 

Flam and I were up early the next morning to catch an 8:00am flight home.  No delays this time and we actually got to fly together!  We ate at a sit-down restaurant in the Atlanta airport and had a good visit.  I arrived back home around 1:30, and this is how the rest of the day went:

These boys were stuck to me like glue!  

It was so nice to have a girls' weekend, but it was extra sweet to come home to these two and to my best friend husband.  

Until Next Time, 
Much love, Reba

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