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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Life Life Life

Oy.  How is it Sunday evening already?!?

Overall, this weekend was very good.  My mom ended up having to work on Saturday, and she's the co-cheerleader captain with me for the Upwards program at our church.  So this left me alone on Saturday to coach all the girls.  We had decided earlier in the week to combine the two teams together for this one weekend and have them cheer at the same game, just in case I was left to coach by myself.  I'm glad we made that plan because it saved me lots of time, and I only had to do the one hour game instead of coaching two separate groups at two different games.  The single-handed coaching was fairly successful.  We meant to do our halftime pom routine on both fields during each of their half-times, but one field's game (the field we weren't initially cheering on), moved way too fast and their half-time was over before I even knew it started.  So, we ended up doing the pom routine on just one field and it worked out just fine.  This was our second game of the season and it was the first game for a pom routine.  The girls were nervous, but when it was over one of them said "I can't stop smiling!" and that made me super excited! All of the girls did so well and it's so fun to watch them exhibit what they've learned.  Tomorrow and Tuesday are practice nights this week and I'm attempting to teach them an entirely new routine for this weekend.

While I was at Upwards, Aaron packed an overnight bag for our boys and he dropped them off with his mom.  After I got home from Upwards, my older brother and my sister-in-law arrived and drove us to the Auburn game.  My older brother knows where to park for free, and how to maneuver in the city once the game is over, so I GLADLY let him have the driving reigns.  I took Aaron to Momma Goldberg's since he had never been before, even though our first year of dating was spent with me living in Auburn.  He enjoyed what he got, and I of course loved eating traditional Auburn fare.  We wandered around a bit, and then entered the stadium and had fantastic seats!  (I'll have to do a whole picture upload post soon to show the Maryland pictures, and the Auburn pictures.)  I desperately wanted Auburn to win so that Aaron & I could roll Toomer's Corner since Aaron's never done that either.  But we lost in a big way.  We were loyal, and stayed til the very end of the game, but we were not victorious on the field.  We played Texas A&M, and our performance was dismal.  My older brother got us safely back home and he and my sister-in-law slept in our guest room since we arrived home just before midnight and their 3-year-old son was sleeping at my parent's house.  For the first time in WELL over a year, Aaron and I slept entirely through the night.  Our "new normal" post Type One Diabetes diagnosis, is waking 3-4 times a night for either high blood sugars or low blood sugars.  So, sleeping from midnight to 7:30am was a tremendous treat.  When we got to church today and my mother-in-law arrived, I gave her a huge hug!  My father-in-law told me later that my boys were up at 5:55 this morning--- so I'm extra thankful that I got to sleep past 6:00!

We went to my parents' house after church for a fried chicken lunch so that we could hang out with my older brother and his family before they headed home.  When we came home, the boys and I all took great naps while Aaron caught up on his Formula One race and Seahawks football!  We then ventured to Costco and although I only wrote 4 things on our list, we had a full cart at the end of the trip (and Costco carts are pretty big!).  I gave the boys a bath since they are both sweaty-headies in this Alabama muggy weather, and then they had "jump on Dad" time on our bed before it was their tuck-in time.  I took an online class while Aaron ran out to get dog food (funny how quickly those bags disappear when you feed two dogs at once).  Now, I'm about to hop off of here and grab a snack and some hang-out time with my bestie friendie husband.  :)

Tomorrow begins another work week and I'm not that disappointed.  I will write a post soon about the new business venture going on in my life, and why I'm super pumped about an educational class that I would have never imagined that I would like, nor have the skills to do!

Until Next Time,
Much love, Reba

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