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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Update on my boys


He is tall for his age. He wears 5T and size 6/7 clothing. He's got short legs and a long torso, so my ever constant battle is in finding clothes that are long enough to cover his whole tummy area. He's always had chubby thighs and those didn't go away when he exited the baby stage!  Finding pants that fit comfortably on his legs is a bit of a challenge- especially when he wears his pods sometimes on his legs.  That adds a good half inch sticking out that we have to be mindful of when pulling up and down pants during clothes changing, bath time, and any time he has to use the bathroom.  He does really well in acknowledging where his pod is and being careful in those situations. 

He wears size 13 shoes, which is technically the last size in toddler shoes.  The next size is 1 and that’s the first size in official “kid sizes!” 

Michael still likes to hold onto his “mommy blankies” when he’s tired, hurt, or stressed.  These are just cloth diapers (the old fashioned kind—we used this same kind as dusting rags when I was growing up!) and I used to use sleep with one or two when we were transitioning Michael from his cradle in our room to his crib in his own room.  I’d sleep with one or two, and then we’d let him hold onto that same one the next night so it smelled like Mommy—hence the name “Mommy blankie.” I obviously don’t sleep with the blankies anymore, and they certainly don’t smell like me anymore, but he loves to hold them in his hands and twirl them around and around by his face while he closes his eyes. 

His favorite thing to do is play Wii-U—a handheld video game that can also appear on our TV.  He likes to play all things Mario:  Mario Kart, Mario 3-D World, Yoshi’s Wooly World, etc.  His favorite characters are Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi.  Sometimes, in the evenings when Aaron “wrestles” on the floor with the boys, Michael will pretend to be Yoshi and will run around the living room saying “Yoshi Yoshi!” in his best Yoshi impersonation.

He’s a pretty good eater.  He still enjoys eating Greek yogurt; he calls it “coo.”  He thinks that he won’t like a lot of things that we have for dinner, but I always make him try a bite and he ends up liking it nine times out of ten!  We had chicken burritos earlier this week, and he was so certain he just wanted a tortilla, but I served him the burrito anyway and he ate his and Noah’s!  (Noah wasn’t a fan).  Last night, we had Beef Stroganoff and he was adamant that he wouldn’t like “beef and noodles” (what I was calling it for them), and I told him I’d make chicken nuggets, but that both boys had to try their beef first before they’d get any chicken nuggets.  Once we sat down for dinner, I served both boys a small portion of the stroganoff and noodles and they ate their entire portion and nearly forgot about the chicken nuggets (which I kept on the stove top just waiting to see if they’d ask for them)!

He is a good bath taker.  He doesn’t give me a fuss anymore about taking a bath.  He enjoys warm water, but nothing too hot or too cold, so it’s pretty difficult to get the “just right” temperature he’s always looking for. He plays with Minion toys in the tub, prefers a bubble bath, and still covers his face with a wash cloth when we wash his hair—which is SUPER thick by the way.

He’s got a very active imagination, which we don’t suppress.  He’s very friendly and outgoing and I’m so so hopeful that his school experience this fall will be one filled with fast friend making and joy.


Noah can be described in one word as Spunky.  He can flash his super sweet 3-year old smile, but there can still be a glimmer of mischief in his eyes. He is doing really great at using his words, but still has moments when he chooses the temper tantrum route and we are being very consistent in how we handle that. 

He went to the dentist for the first time two weeks ago.  He did very well.  He wasn’t so sure about the moving chair, but he held my hand the whole time and was a real trooper.  He let the hygienist floss, brush with the mechanical toothbrush (which Noah approved of because “it turns!”), count his teeth, and let the Dentist also count his teeth.  He was proud of the new toothbrush and balloon.  The dentist did say that Noah’s teeth are already crowded in his little toddler mouth, and he is not hopeful that his jaw will grow enough by the time Noah’s permanent teeth come in.  He says we’ll need to start our orthodontist fund now to be prepared for an orthodontist to manipulate Noah’s jaw to make it wider or longer when he’s between the ages of seven to nine years old.  I’m choosing to go ahead and pray now that God will grow Noah’s jaw naturally in these next four to six years so that we won’t have to manipulate his jaw through whatever means they do that!

Noah is catching up to his age-based-clothes-sizing.  He still wears 2T pants because his waist is so small, but his legs are starting to be too long for the 2T pants.  I’m glad we’re approaching shorts-wearing season!  He wears 3T shirts and pajamas.  He wears size 10 shoes, which is a size bigger than Michael’s shoe size at that age.

He wears size 4 diapers, but he’s now been informed that he is on his last box of diapers and we’re not buying any more for him.  He’s had two or three successful potty trips in the past two weeks.  He’s had as many accidents in underwear during this time frame too.  He HATES accidents and totally freaks out.  He also prefers to say he’s “gotta potty” around 8:30 at night after he’s been goofing off in his bed instead of sleeping—though his bedtime is 7:00pm.  I’m thinking his “need” to use the potty at 8:30pm is his attempt to have something else to do to prolong going to sleep.  Also, this only happens when Aaron is at a neighborhood Bible study, or playing computer games in a separate room where he can’t hear the boys.  So, it only happens when I’m the only parent around.  He knows he has about 8 diapers left to use before he’s in underwear full time.  I’ll probably have to buy a box of pull-ups for him to wear when we go grocery shopping, etc.  My mom & I are also taking the boys on a road trip to visit my grandparents in a couple weeks, and I’ll bring pull-ups for the car ride and probably for his time at my grandparent’s house if Noah isn’t improving in this potty training department by then. 

Noah has always been a good self-entertainer.  Michael is very close in age with my nephew, and the two of them play together, but Noah was kind of left out of that loop, and really couldn’t care less.  My nephew came to visit over two weekends recently, and all three boys played together for the first time ever.  They did pretty well, but Noah did choose to separate himself and play alone for part of the time. 

He still LOVES the vacuum and admires my vacuum nearly every day.  He chooses to vacuum as his activity of choice at my mother-in-law’s house during the week. He also loves hair dryers, leaf blowers, fans, hand-mixers, and basically anything else that makes a whirring sound.

He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (we have a couple of DVDs of the show), and Elmo’s World, and the real-person version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Those will be his movies of choice when he gets to pick.

These boys are so fun!  We’re really really blessed to be their parents and watch them grow.  It’s going to be so interesting to see how they adapt to having a baby in the house come August. 

Thanks for checking in with us!

Until Next Time,
Much love, Reba

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  1. Such a cute update! Oh I keep waiting to hear more about the August arrival.