Welcome to a piece of our sweet journey of life. This blog is about our family life-- my husband, my type 1 diabetic kindergartner, my spunky pre-schooler, my newborn baby girl, and myself! Enjoy!

Monday, April 24, 2017

21 Week Update

On Wednesday of last week, we made it to our 21 week mark!  Sometimes (well, most of the time), I'm still surprised by how fast this pregnancy is going!  I'm really really trying to savor each moment because we anticipate Avery to be our last little kiddle, which means this is my last pregnancy.  With Michael, I wished away the pregnancy because I wanted to hold that little baby!  With Noah, I was very busy chasing Michael as a crawler, toddler, then walker/runner, and the pregnancy was POOF gone!  This time, with a 4-and-a-half year old, and a three year old, I don't have to do as much chasing, so I'm really trying hard to appreciate each pregnant moment and cherish this time when I feel Avery move and while I have her growing inside of me listening to my heartbeat and creating new "mommy stripes" (aka, stretch marks) to prove she's been there!

Here are our current stats:

How far along? 21 weeks, 5 days
Total weight gain/loss: +11lbs  I'm not happy about this and am going to be more diligent with my exercise and nutrition.  
Maternity clothes? 90% of the time.  I can still fit into some t-shirts, and some non-maternity work-out tops, and regular pajama pants.  Most of my wardrobe that I'm wearing though, is maternity wear.  

Stretch marks? Yep, and I don't mind a bit!
Sleep: Since we're past the 20 week mark, I can no longer sleep on my back.  I have two small lumbar throw pillows, and I put one on either side of me at night so that I don't roll all the way onto my back in my sleep, and whichever pillow is nearest my belly helps support that added weight!
Best moment this week: Really feeling Avery kick!  And sorting through the baby clothes that my sister-in-law is letting us use that her 4 month old little girl has already outgrown!  I never had this many clothing options in such small sizes with either of my boys, so it's super fun to sort through things and imagine Avery wearing them!
Have you told family and friends: Of course!
Miss Anything? I do miss sleeping on my back, and my stomach. 
Movement: She's definitely a mover!  I have not discovered any real pattern to her movements, but I do know that I can lie on my side and be very still when I want to feel her move, and she'll usually do it!  It's the most fun to me to feel her move at random times, like when I'm sitting at my desk or making dinner. 
Food cravings: I still appreciate salty things.  And fizzy drinks-- mainly Diet Dr. Pepper (since it was on sale at Publix!) 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Things that are too sweet make me feel sick-- even just the smell of these things sometimes.  Leftovers that are more than like 4 days old make me feel queasy-- so we have a pretty bare fridge most of the time!
Have you started to show yet: Very much so.  People don't ask me how far along I am, they ask me how far I have left to go because they are sure it's only a month or so, and they're quite surprised when I tell them I'm just over halfway. 
Gender: GIRL! 
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? Out, not all the way, but about 75% out. 
Wedding rings on or off? Off. :(  Still so super sad about this.  They are on a necklace that I'll wear frequently.  And I anticipate it'll be about 3 weeks post partum until I can get them back on. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Fairly happy most of the time.  Aaron might say I'm moody though.  Tired is what I actually am. 
Looking forward to: My birthday tomorrow!  Spending time with family during the workweek is always a treat!  And experiencing birthdays through the eyes of your own kids-- even if it's your own birthday you're celebrating-- is so fun!  Everything is so spectacular for them and I hope they never outgrow this wonder of birthdays and holidays!

Until Next Time, 
Much love, Reba