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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Avery Kate

Yesterday, in the midst of the storms and bad weather, we had our ultrasound to find out the gender of Baby P3.  Aaron was planning to meet me at the doctor's office but got caught at work right in the middle of the worst part of the weather, and he couldn't leave.  My dad told me earlier in the morning that he would drive me to the appointment if I wanted him to.  I did ask him to drive me, and he decided to stay in the waiting room during the appointment so that he didn't find out the baby's gender ahead of anyone else. :) So, it would just be me who found out, and then I would bake a cake and put pink or blue frosting in the center.  Aaron & I would prepare dinner for our family (our boys, and we invited our parents over too), and then Aaron would cut the cake to reveal the color of icing-- meaning that he'd find out with everyone else!

The first stop of the appointment was the ultrasound.  The tech & I discovered a very wiggly baby!  It took a little time to get the baby to turn in a way where we could find out the gender.  The tech finds the area and says "It looks like you're going to have a little girl!"  I instantly teared up!  I said barely above a whisper, "That's what we were hoping!"  I really couldn't believe it!

The tech continued with the ultrasound and we saw the four chambers of the heart, two good kidneys, good spine formation, and good levels of amniotic fluid.  The doctor told me later that as far as ultrasounds go, this was phenomenal.  He said he can't keep me from all harm, and problems could still arrive further down the road, but usually most problems show up at this appointment, and nothing was glaring in this ultrasound.  With Noah, I had a placenta misplacement, and had to return for a follow-up ultrasound in 4 to 8 weeks, where we found that the placenta had moved to where it should be, and saved me from a definite c-section.  This time around, the placenta is where it should be, and I am happy about that!

Little Baby Girl P loves to keep her hand by her face.  It was this way during the 11 week surprise ultrasound too.  She also likes to get into seemingly uncomfortable positions!  She had one entire leg up by her face the whole time, and the other leg stretched out.  So, the only profile picture we could get includes a very visible leg at the top part of the picture!

I find this very funny now because, to me, it means that she will be independent and strong.

Towards the end of the ultrasound, she opened and closed her mouth multiple times, like she was telling us something very important!  The tech and I just watched her in awe.  And although I've felt quite a few baby kicks this last week, during most of the ultrasound as we watched her wiggle and thrust about, I didn't feel a thing and I told the tech "I see her moving, and I can't feel it.  So, when I do feel her move, I'm just imagining how much more forceful she's being!"

I asked the tech, probably in the middle of the ultrasound, if she was sure of the gender.  She said "Oh yes.  I don't tell people if I'm not sure.  I've gone back over the area many times and I'm sure."

I spent the rest of the appointment just kind of in shock that we get to have a little girl!  It was hard for me to keep my composure and not just blurt out to my dad what I was having!

Aaron got home and made his homemade lasagna (homemade pasta-- his specialty).  I had barely finished frosting the inside of the cake and then frosting the whole outside of it white, and then cleaning all the bowls so not to leave any evidence behind when he arrived home.  I was super tired and took a snooze on the couch while our boys "napped" (read: did not nap, but rather aggravated each other for the entire course of naptime).  :)  Aaron would keep looking at me and saying "I'm tempted just to ask you now!  I don't think I can wait."  But I made him wait anyhow.

Family arrived and I had Aaron go ahead and cut into the cake.  He said "Now?  I thought we'd eat first."  And I said "No one can wait that long!" :)  He cut a piece and lifted it into the air so every parent and our two little boys could see.  There were cheers all around!

Michael and Noah had so desperately wanted a sister, and they were very thrilled!  Michael still believes she will be named Sweet Butterfly Sally Cutie Caterpillar, but alas, we are not going to choose that name. ;)

We have decided on Avery Kate.

We had settled on Kate as a middle name a long time ago, but Avery came to me recently as we were choosing a list of names. We both liked it, and after Aaron squashed another name I had picked out, we chose Avery to be the replacement and we think it just fits.  We like different and unique names for girls, and this one fits the bill.

We called our grandparents, and texted or called our siblings and best friends to share our news.  We're very very excited and are looking forward to August and all that it will bring.

Aaron did tell me last night that he only thinks he'll have to change 25% of the diapers and I told him no way.  He said he doesn't know anything about little girls and won't know how to properly change the diaper.  I said I don't know much about little girls, and we'll both change the same amount of diapers as we did with our sons-- sharing the burden as equally as possible! :)

Tonight, I will shop at a consignment sale for a spring and summer wardrobe for my boys (mostly for Michael since he has no one to give him hand-me-downs, but I do buy things for Noah as well) and for baby clothes (since we have nothing for a girl, and hardly anything left from our boys).

We are very thrilled with the blessing God has given our family and I pray that Avery Kate grows to serve Him well.

Until Next Time,
Much love, Reba


  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GIRL!!! I was secretly hoping you'd get a girl because you've been able to experience boys already. How sweet to have two big brothers to protect her. And the name is perfect and beautiful. Excited for you all!