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Thursday, March 30, 2017

18 Weeks-- How Did We Get Here?

We hit our 18 week mark yesterday for this pregnancy!  I'm actually rather shocked when I think that our first appointment and ultrasound was 11 weeks ago!  In 11 weeks from now, I'll be 29 weeks along!  Weeks fly by when you're staying busy-- whether it's busy-ness at work, or from doing things outside the home, or by just being a mom to two small boys who are going 90-to-nothing all day!

This week, Baby P3 can hear me talking-- and I think he or she can hear some noises from outside the womb, too.  I've tried to be more intentional in my speaking to Baby, and I tell him or her what day of the week it is and how long left he or she has to grow before they get to be on the outside. I'm pretty sure Baby heard the hand-mixer today as I mixed up a batch of coffee-toffee-bars. It's pretty loud!

Sleeping has been no issue for me lately.  Last night, I did a pregnancy workout, and then took my shower and headed to bed to do my devotion and study a bit for a test I have to take in two weeks.  Aaron was playing on the computer, and I was planning to chat with him a bit once he came to bed.  Well, after my devotion and studying a couple pages of my study guide, I decided to go to sleep-- knowing that I usually wake up when he comes to bed.  Well, I woke up at 2:42 in the morning (partly because Aaron was squishing me since he was rolling onto my side of the bed!) and he had already been in bed for hours!  I must have slept hard because I didn't hear him come into the bedroom at all!  I quickly fell back asleep and slept all the way until his alarm went off in the morning.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday, and I'll be even happier to see Friday evening because I will know that I don't have to set an alarm on Saturday or Sunday!  On Saturdays, the boys have been doing pretty well in letting us sleep until 7:00am.  On Sundays, we know they'll wake us up before we have to get ready for church. In the afternoons lately, I've been trying to take a quick nap during my afternoon break.  I have been SO tired!  I really really look forward to the weekends.

On Saturday afternoon last week, I attended a wedding shower for a coworker-friend of mine.  My mom was working, and asked me to send her a picture after I was dressed up.  A definite basketball appearance.

I've been craving nothing but SWEETS lately!  I really wish my cravings were for celery and carrots and salad only.  But nope.  This pregnancy is a gateway to Desserts Land, and it's disheartening because the cravings are so strong, but I want to stick to my limited weight gain plan so badly!

On Wednesday, we'll (hopefully) find out the gender of Baby.  I'll keep you posted!

Until Next Time,
Much love, Reba


  1. You look so cute and are getting good sleep!! Are you craving sweets like candy or sweets like fruit? Maybe alternating the two will help?? All I want is Dairy Queen and we don't have one anywhere near close to us.

    1. Unfortunately sweets like brownies and cookies and ice cream. I did want pineapple recently, so that was a plus. :)