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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

24 and a half weeks

Today is actually 25 weeks, but we took this picture on Sunday which was the 24 and a half week mark.

Could be smuggling a beach ball under there.

Avery is very active and I'm super grateful for that!  But, like mothers do, I worry one day that I won't feel her move as much.  Doesn't matter if it's the first pregnancy or the fifth, all mothers worry about their little ones.

I cleared out some dresser space in her room over the weekend.  I had been storing sheet sets in the dresser since it was in the guest room.  But now, the guest room will be her room and she'll actually have need of a dresser.  So the sheets got the boot!  I shoved them (as neatly as I could) into some shelves in a white washboard that is acting as a nightstand in the room.  I'm not sure the sheets will stay there because they're kind of crammed, and we do use them, which will only mean things will get more disheveled as I have to take out sheets and put more folded sheets on a shelf, etc.  Also, I don't really want to store sheets in anyone's bedroom because I don't want to have to disturb anyone who is sleeping in the middle of the night if there's a cause for a sheets change.  So, I'll find somewhere else to put them.  My hallway closet is out of the question since two shelves in it are used for medicine and ointments, and the other shelves are used for Diabetes Central (where I've organized and stored all of Michael's diabetes supplies).   But for now, I was able to clean out three dresser drawers to start putting Avery's clothes into. 

I also got a wild hair last week to really clean my kitchen (minus the floors).  I wiped down all appliances and really cleaned the stove top.  I cleared clutter and wiped down all the countertops and sink.  It was super nice to see a sparkling kitchen!  I had a similar instance in our bathrooms as well.  Clean countertops, clean toilets, clean mirrors.  I'm hoping this isn't really part of nesting yet, since it's still a bit too early for that.  But I have been staying on top of all the laundry, and the kitchen is still pretty sparkly-- and those things make me happy!

So, this week, here's our update:

How far along? 25 Weeks today
Total weight gain/loss: +14lbs  I've maintained my weight for a week so far by eating lower carb and exercising 4 to 5 days per week.
Maternity clothes? Oh yes.  Today I'm actually wearing a t-shirt in a size larger than my pre-pregnancy size, but I'm pretty sure this shirt runs big, so I don't think it's an actual indication of true non-maternity sizing.

Stretch marks? Yep.  I've started rubbing lotion on my belly after showers.  Not in an attempt to change the stretch marks that are there (because I don't think I can), but to hopefully aid my skin in the stretching it has left to do.
Sleep: It's ok.  I LOVE getting into my bed at the end of the day, but sleep is a bit sporadic.  I'm having lots of dreams, which I attribute to the pregnancy hormones.  I'm still using the two lumbar pillows-- one on either side of me, and that aids in back pain and belly weight pain from laying on my side.
Best moment this week: Feeling Avery kick and seeing it from the outside of my clothes!  Aaron really felt her earlier this week and that was a lot of fun for him.  Avery is pretty quiet when the boys are running around, but I know she'll soon be big enough in my tummy for them to feel her roll around.
Have you told family and friends: We sure have!
Miss Anything? I've been trying super hard to eat low carb since my glucose tolerance test is in two weeks, so I miss being able to bake cookies and eat a few without thinking about it.  My mom said she'll make some Christmas cookies (her rolled-out sugar cookies) for me to take to the hospital as a post-delivery treat!
Movement: Avery is so active and I love it!  I feel her many times a day, and I really feel her at night when I get into bed.
Food cravings: Sushi (which I can't give into).  Shrimp or fish tacos--this is SUCH a craving!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Smell of chicken cooking-- and sometimes the taste of chicken.  I don't think this really bothered me on either prior pregnancy.
Have you started to show yet: Yep.  I don't think I could hide it if I tried, which I don't.
Gender: GIRL! 
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? Out, not all the way, but about 75% out. 
Wedding rings on or off? Off. :(  Still so super sad about this.  
Happy or Moody most of the time: Probably more on the moody side.  This is compounded by issues at work and the nerves of making sure I have my ducks in a row for Michael's start of school this fall.
Looking forward to: Being off on Friday and hopefully all of next week (if that part gets approved by management).  My mother-in-law has surgery on Friday, so I'm taking off that day to be home with my boys.  And she'll need next week to recover, so I've input a leave-request for next week and I'm just waiting to hear back from management.  I'm hoping to be approved so that the boys and I can have some quality time-- play-doh creating, sand box time, coloring, movie watching, etc. :)

Until Next Time,
Much love, Reba

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  1. Oh I'm so happy you can feel her moving around a lot!!! So fun! I envy that. And you look GREAT!!!!