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Friday, May 11, 2012

24 Weeks

24 Weeks Down, 16 Weeks to go.... That means we've hit the 6 month mark...and still have roughly 4 months to go.  Who calculated pregnancy at 9 months?  :)

Everyday, Michael shows more of his habits and personality.  I can say that when he takes a nap, he lays sideways near the bottom of the uterus.  He likes to wiggle his fingers against the side of the uterus, which in turn, gives a tickle to me and makes me smile. He definitely knows if someone besides me is watching him or trying to feel him move.  He is very stubborn in that regard-- it's even hard sometimes for Aaron to be able to catch a glimpse of Michael's movements!

My belly is getting bigger each day, and that's a good sign.  It means Little Baby P. is growing stronger and bigger as the days go by.  My tummy hasn't been measured at the doctor's office yet, but I measured it myself at home.  My tummy from the top of my baby-bump to the bottom of it is about 17 inches.  I know I have a long way to go!  :)  One coworker this week (who I don't pass by everyday) said "Wow! Look at your belly! You've got about a week left to go!"  I smiled and continued on my way and knew that this coworker doesn't really know how big the tummies of pregnant ladies can become! :)  Another coworker passed by me today and said "Look at that! It's a perfect little beach ball!"

(Photo credit: holdenbeachballs.com)

I am SO excited to meet our little baby boy!  It's so much fun to feel him move and to know that he hears us when we talk, read, and sing to him.  I am very much looking forward to being the mom to Little Baby P.!  This weekend, I will finally get to stand up in church when they ask all mothers to stand on Mother's Day.  I've been waiting for that moment for years! :)

This Week:
-Little Baby P. is working hard at packing on the pounds.  On average, a baby in the womb will gain half of a pound this week.
-His ears are fully functional.  He might get startled at loud noises like my hairdryer, etc. 
-He is getting used to hearing the "everday" sounds like the beating of my heart, air going in and out of my lungs, my growling stomach. :) 
-His inner ear is fully developed now and that means equilibrium is working.  Little Baby P.'s sense of balance is in place.  He can tell if he's upside down or right side up.  He can also feel my movements. 

-Little Baby P. weighs about 1 1/3 pounds and is a little over 12 inches long, which is the size of a footlong Coney from Sonic:

(Photo credit: randomfunnypicture.com)

My Craves:
-Spaghetti with meat sauce.
-Fresh peaches (I'm awaiting their arrival in the grocery stores)
-Super cold, very fizzy Sprite.

I know that Michael will be really starting to gain some weight (which is good).  That means I need to be careful to eat right so that Michael is gaining the weight and not me!  Of course, this means I might not need to keep coffee toffee bars in the house. :(

I'm very amazed and equally embarrassed at my ability to fall asleep while sitting straight up on the couch!  I was so excited to watch the new episode of "Swamp People" last night, but my sweet husband had to pause it halfway through because I couldn't stay awake!  Maybe someday, my evening energy will return. 

After "napping" on the couch until Aaron was ready for bed, I woke up with intense back pain.  I climbed into bed and the back pain wouldn't leave me alone.  I'm wondering if little Michael scoots down and rests his little booty on my organs, which in turn push down on my back.  I'm borrowing a foam mattress topper from Mom and Dad, and it does help to ease some pain on my pressure points.  Aaron is going to bring our spare recliner into our bedroom and push it close to the bed so I can start sleeping in a more upright position with the hopes of easing some of this nightly pain.  I'm thinking I will line the recliner with the foam mattress topper.  Aaahh, I'm seeing a cushy recliner bed in my mind already! :)

Thank-you for your continued prayers!  Love, Reba

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