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Friday, May 4, 2012

23 Weeks

We have reached 23 weeks.  Only 17 more to go! :)  It feels great to be well past the halfway mark.

I had a great birthday and a fabulous trip!  Michael doesn't really like airplane rides.  I can imagine that the pressure changes were rough on him in the womb.

I have come to the conclusion that workers in the airport know which passengers are pregnant, and even can tell what gender the baby is.  When I handed my boarding pass and ID to the TSA agent in Baltimore, she said "Congratulations on your baby boy!"  Then in Atlanta, the girl at Burger King who handed me my whopper (no onions) said "Are you having a boy?"  I was quite impressed with their knowledge. :)

Little Baby P. LOVES meal time!  As soon as I take a couple bites of food, he happily gives a few kicks. :)  Hopefully this is an early sign that he'll be a good eater!

He still loves to be sung to and I hope he never grows out of that!  I find that if I sing my loudest in the car, he replies with some strong kicks.  Now, if only I knew if he liked the loud singing or if he is politely telling me to pipe down.... :)

This Week:
-Michael practices his "breathing" by sucking in amniotic fluid in and out of his lungs.
-He is continuing to accumulate fat and will double in size over the next month.
-His skin becomes less see-through.
-Little Baby P.'s body is more proportional, though his head is still slightly large in comparison with the rest of his body.
-He is about 11 and a half inches long and weighs a little over a pound.  That is about the size and weight of a Harry Potter book:

(Photo credit: myhero.com)

Sometimes I feel like I'm carrying around a couple of extra books in there!  :)

My Cravings:
-Coke (not Pepsi)
-Pot roast with carrots and potatoes.  I made this for the first time on Thursday night. Delish!  I ate it again this morning for breakfast, with a side of apple slices with peanut butter.  Did I mention I'm pregnant? :)
-Baby carrots.  Fortunately, I've been wanting a crisp veggie snack, and the baby carrots that didn't make it into the pot roast suffice quite nicely as a snack.
-Gale apples. Love love love them. 
-Chicken fajita quesadillas.  This is something we make at home by cooking chicken, bell peppers and a sweet onion (which apparently doesn't bother me like white onions do).  After putting the meat and veggies on a tortilla with some cheese, we fold the tortilla and stick it on the Foreman grill to make a quesadilla.  Yum! 

Yesterday afternoon, Little Baby P. and I went to the doctor.  I have gained some more weight, which is healthy and is to be expected.  (Though I was kind of shocked at the amount that I have gained since my last appointment).  However, the doctor said that as long as I'm eating when I'm hungry and stopping when I'm full, and as long as Little Baby P. is growing at a healthy rate, then weight gain is just fine. :)  However, a coworker yesterday came up to me and asked "How many?".... so maybe I should return to more water over Coke, and choose more carrots than artificial sweets. :)

The doctor said Little Baby P. has a "Perfect Heartbeat."  :)  I don't know the number of the heartrate, but perfect sounds pretty good to me! :)

The next appointment will be in one month, and I will be tested for gestational diabetes.  I was handed a little bottle of "fruit punch" to drink one hour before my appointment.  I will have to get my finger pricked to see if I am below, at, or above the threshhold they have established for possible gestational diabetes.  If I am borderline, then I will have to come back for a full screening.  Please pray that I do not show any signs of gestational diabetes!  Getting bloodwork done for my thyroid is enough for me!

Sleeping has become increasingly more difficult.  I start out on my left side until I wake up with left hip pain.  So, I switch to my right side until I wake up with intense pain on the right side of my torso just above where my ribs end.  So, I pile up pillows and prop myself up in a sitting position with my head cocked to the right side.  I'm thinking a recliner in the bedroom sounds pretty tempting. :)

I have met a new enemy this week:  Back pain.  It likes to hang out in my mid- to lower back on the left side.  Sleeping eases the pain, but by reading the paragraph above, you see how sleeping brings problems of its own. :(  I guess we'll roll with the punches and learn to deal with these slight inconveniences on the road to parenthood. :)

Thank-you for your continued prayers.  Everday I wake up and am excited to be one day closer to meeting little Michael face to face.  :)  Love, Reba

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