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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

22 Weeks

22 Weeks in-- that's 5 and a half months.  :)

This pregnancy is flying by!  We're at the end of April-- only four more months until we reach the end of August and meet Little Baby P.!

Everyday, Little Michael is getting stronger and is practicing his kicking, punching, and flipping skills. :)

Most of you won't read this post until Friday or Saturday, but I am actually writing this post a few days early-- on April 25th, my birthday!  Tomorrow morning, Little Baby P. and I will be on our way to visit Grandma Gallahair!  My coworkers have told me to "play the pregnancy card" in the airport and make sure that people are nice to me! :)

This Week:
-Little Baby P.'s hands are getting bigger and stronger.
-The nerve endings in the fingers have developed Little Michael's sense of touch.  He is practicing with this new sense by touching his face and grabbing on the umbilical cord (which I am convinced he was doing this morning!)
-Little Baby P.'s brain is rapidly developing this week and will continue to do so until he is 5 years old!  As I've stated numerous times, we're gonna have one smart kid!
-Little Michael's hair is a bright white.  This is normal since all babies in the womb at this age lack pigment in the hair.
-Taste buds are forming and Little Baby P. is tasting the amniotic fluid.  This inspires me to load up on more fruit rather than spicy foods!
-Little Baby P. weighs almost a pound! :) 
-Until this point, Little Baby P.'s length was measured from his head to his hiney.  From now on, Little Baby P.'s length will be measured from his head to his heel.  Therefore, this week, Little Baby P. is nearly 11 inches long! WOW!  That's about as long as a package of Oreos:

(Photo credit: usedwigs.com)

Little Baby P. is surely a sweet boy.

My Craves:
-I am still under the impression that root beer from a glass bottle is so much more refreshing than a can or a plastic bottle.
-Chocolate.  After all, it is my birthday and chocolate and I have been friends for a long time.  There's no reason to kick him to the curb just yet.  (Side note for all the health conscious: I do watch how much chocolate I consume. Fortunately, my pantry is void of this crave. I satisfy the craving through a piece of birthday cake).

Thank-you for your continued prayers.  I am enjoying this pregnancy so much and can't wait to hold my sweet little boy!  Until then, I am satisfied with feeling the kicks, punches, and flips. :)  Our next doctor appointment will be next Thursday.  Hopefully, we will get to hear Little Baby P.'s heartbeat with a stethoscope. :)  And maybe they'll measure my growing belly.  :) Until next week's post,  Much Love _Reba

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