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Friday, April 13, 2012

20 Weeks

We are 20 Weeks Along!  That means we are halfway through!!!

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This has been a very exciting week for us.  We have REALLY begun to feel Little Baby P. kick!   On Monday while I was sitting in my Mom's kitchen and leaning forward towards the kitchen counter, I felt these little bump-bumps.  I realized it was Little Baby P. kicking! :)  I was very excited and tried to let my Mom feel, but Little Baby P. decided he exerted himself enough for the time being. :) 

That evening, Aaron read a bedtime story to our little boy and he LOVED it! He kicked the whole time.  After the story was over, I stayed very still and brought Aaron's hand to where Little Baby P. was kicking.  He kicked a good hard kick and Aaron felt it!  It was really cool to see the huge smile spread across his face as he felt our son kick. :)

Everyday since, Little Baby P. has kicked consistently and with more power everyday.  I'm trying to distinguish the kicks from the punches.  Sometimes I think a lighter kick might actually be a punch.  Whatever the case may be, Little Baby P. is eagerly exploring his warm little home.

Sometimes, he presses his little body against the sides of the uterus, and I can hold my hand just below my bellybutton and feel him resting there. :)

This Week:
-Little Baby P. actually has a sleep cycle similar to that of a newborn!  Based on his kicking habits, I think he is a night owl moreso than an early bird.  Even he thinks that 4:45 is too early to wake up everyday! 
-He might have a favorite sleeping position already.
-Little Baby P. is going to devote more energy to gaining weight from here on out.  I keep reminding him everyday that all he has to do is grow and play.  So far, he's a first time obeyer. :)
-This week, Little Baby P. weighs about 10 and a half ounces, and is roughly 6 and a half inches long.  That's about the size of a can of Red Bull:

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My Cravings:
-Purple or red grapes (preferably chilled).  This is the ideal morning snack.
-Apples (preferably red or gala).
-Root Beer (the uncaffeinated kind, sorry Barq's.  Choice brands are Mug and IBC.

Thank-you for keeping us in your prayers!  We are excited for the things to come!  Love, Reba

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