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Thursday, May 24, 2012

26 Weeks

We are at week 26, folks!

I am feeling fantastic, and from the way Michael kicks, I'd say he's feeling pretty fantastic too! :)

The blog comes a little early this week because tomorrow after work, Aaron and I will be on our way to the beach for a nice relaxing weekend! I am so excited! The beach is so relaxing, and I get to have a 5-hour road trip with my best friend... (Aaron, to all who are left wondering). :)

I measured my belly today and it is 17 and a half inches from the top to bottom of the "baby bump."

Apparently, I still look "too big to be true" to my coworkers. Today, one coworker said "Man, by the time that baby comes, he'll be three years old!" :) I guess we're not the only ones who are anxious to meet our little one.

This morning, Aaron took a picture of my growing belly:

Sometimes, when I sit at my desk and look down at my belly, it doesn't look so big.  But today I looked at this photo and was like "Wow! My belly IS big!" :)  That means Little Baby P. is growing, and I like that very much.

This past week, Aaron and I practiced with our carseat.  We put a pretend "baby" in there and fastened the straps, then un-did the straps, and worked on perfecting the process of securing our baby.  This is a picture of our pretend "baby" in the carseat:

This has been a big week for Little Baby P.'s development.

This Week:
-Michael develops air sacks in his lungs.  These air sacks (or alveoli) will keep growing for 9 years.
-The membrane that separates the alveoli from the blood vessels is now thin enough to allow for the breathing process to take place.  This means that Michael would possibly be able to breathe outside of the womb now, but of course we want him to stay in the safe, warm womb until August!
-The retinas have completed the development of the normal layers. This means that the eyes are fully developed!
-Brainwaves for auditory and visual senses are detectable in Michael's brain.  That means he can register sound and light. 
-Michael is able to start recognizing voices, and will be able to detect familiar sounds after birth!  That means I better start beefing up on the reading that we do for him!
-Michael weighs about 1 and 2/3 pounds and is about 14 inches long, which is roughly the size of a burp cloth (something we'll come to know very well in a few short months):

(Photo credit: merrimentdesign.com)

My Craves:
-Sour stuff (like lemon juice on apple slices)
-Peanut butter (like toast with peanut butter and chocolate chips on top)  :)
-Dried fruit (apricots, banana chips, even dried pineapple). Crazy, I know.
-And of course, cheese grits for breakfast (made in a pot on the stove top...yum yum).

Thank-you for your continued prayers!  We are going to enjoy ourselves at the beach on the last vacation we'll have as a two-person family. :)  Until next week, stay safe and air conditioned! Love, Reba

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