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Friday, July 6, 2012

32 Weeks

Yay yay yay! We are at 32 weeks andI couldn't be happier!

We are on the 8 week countdown.  :)  So, in addition to Michael's birth at that time, we also have something else to look forward to.  In 8 weeks, summer will be almost over and we here in the South will get a break from this high heat!  Now that's something to cheer about.  Come on.... I don't hear you.  :)

Well, folks, this week marked my "necklace" week.  Yes, my fingers became too puffed for my wedding rings :( My rings are now hanging on a necklace Aaron bought me for our first Valentine's Day after we got married.  Aaron and I have a rule where the only person to remove his wedding ring is me, and the only person to remove my rings is him.  So, this past week, he took off the rings from my finger and I strung them on the necklace.  Might as well keep them close to my heart if they can't be on my finger.  I look forward to the day when I can slide them back on my finger!  Of course, that means Michael will be here by then, so it's 2 exciting things to look forward to. :)

Today I had my 32 week appointment.  My mom was able to come with me since my hubby is vacationing in Washington state in order to participate in a wedding tomorrow.  (And if you're reading this, my lucky one, I'm totally jealous of the 70 degree weather you're enjoying).  :)   

Today I had the strep B test.  I totally wasn't looking forward to this test, but fortunately it didn't take too long.  I also had blood drawn today to check my thyroid levels.  The doctor said my levels have looked great throughout the pregnancy, so if everything looks fine after this blood drawing, then I wouldn't have to have blood drawn again til after the baby is born!  Now that's music to my ears!

Michael's heart rate went up from 137 to 140 while the Doppler was on my tummy.  The doctor is pleased that he is an active baby.  My tummy was measured again today and the doctor said my tummy is measuring right at 32 weeks along.  He said that the countdown is about to begin and I said "Oh, I've  been on a countdown for a few weeks now" (and by a few weeks, I mean 32). :)

This Week:
-Michael will be turning to be head-down in the womb anytime from this point forward.  
-Michael spends his days blinking, grabbing, looking around, making faces, practicing his breathing skills, and listening to the things going on around him.
-Little Baby P. might have a full head of hair by now, or he might be a baldy.  (I’m betting on the second one).  :) 
-Baby weighs around 4 pounds and is roughly 17 inches long, which is the size of an acorn squash

(Photo credit: foodsubs.com)

My Craves:
-water water water
-Ice cream (My mom helped me identify that maybe my body is craving calcium rather than just ice cream.  So I try to have some glasses of milk instead of chowing down on bowl after bowl of ice cream, which is what I'd rather be doing). :)
-Peanut butter  (Maybe a protein craving?  So I've been trying to eat almonds to get my protein from other sources and give Michael a break from my peanut butter snacks) :)

Thank-you for reading the post this week!  Please continue to pray for a safe pregnancy and for a healthy baby boy who is continuing to grow! :)  Stay air conditioned.  :)    Love, Reba

And Mom, if you're reading this tonight during your work assignment, I'm praying for you and I know God will get you through. :)  Phil 4:6-8   Phil 4:13   Love, Reba

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