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Friday, August 24, 2012

39 Weeks

Yesterday marked the 39th week of the pregnancy.  We are so excited to be this close to meeting Michael!

We had a doctor’s appointment yesterday.  Although I still have not dilated, I have effaced slightly.  Any improvement is good news to me!  The doctor wants to see us again on Monday.  At least I don’t have to wait a whole week!  After 39 weeks of pregnancy, one more week seems like an eternity! 

The doctor doesn’t think Michael weighs 8lbs, so he must have leveled out his growth.  I haven’t gained any weight since the last appointment, so maybe I have leveled out too! :)

On Monday, we will put all of our options on the table.  The nurse assures us that the doctor won’t let us get past week 41.  I told her I hope we don’t have to go much past Monday! I would like Michael to arrive before one of my BFFs comes and visits.  She’s flying down from New Jersey on Thursday and will be here over the weekend.  It would be wonderful for her to meet Michael in person, and not just have to talk to him through my belly.  :)

No matter how many times we bribe Michael with the thought of getting to have a great birthday party with balloons and friends, we know we can’t rush him to come out.  I hold onto the fact that he benefits from each day spent in the womb.  I also hold onto this verse:  “He has made everything beautiful in His time”  from Ecclesiastes 3:11.  I tell Michael not to come out until God tells him it’s time.  I want a beautiful baby and trusting in God’s timing is the best plan of action.

So… what now?  I am taking the opportunity for conscious relaxation.  I am choosing to relax this weekend and on Monday.  Yes, I have chosen to take Monday off of work.  I plan to spend the day with my mom shopping and hanging out.  After all, it could be my last day out and about for a while! :)  This Sunday evening, our church is having an ice cream social.  Now, if Michael has not made his arrival by then, I plan to participate in the ice cream social.  I looked up recipes today on how to make ice cream without an ice cream maker.  I found some very intriguing options, and I am excited to try my hand at it tomorrow.  I figured I’d practice tomorrow and make sure it comes out good before I make a batch to share.  :) 

To recap this work week, all in all it was pretty good.  I have great family and friends who check up on me.  My mom and mother-in-law are sweet to send encouraging texts and funny quips to get me through the days.  Although I enjoy receiving texts, I am a little afraid to send texts to people because I’m afraid they’ll think I’m in labor.  Yesterday, a friend and I discussed the concept of “No news is normal news” meaning if I haven’t sent a text or given a phone call, then I am in my same location, waiting for Michael’s arrival.  Once the big moment hits, I imagine people’s phones will be lighting up all over the place!

One coworker this week made me laugh so hard.  He came over to me when I was asking a question of a supervisor.  He looked at me and said “I’ve got to get your work-out plan.”  And I asked “Why?” to which he replied “Because I have never seen abs like that.”   Well, folks, it takes a lot of work to sport around a medicine ball each and every day. :)  My rotund abs are proof of mommy-hood. :)

So many coworkers ask, or state, rather, “You’re still here.”  And I’m always a bit baffled with how I should respond.  I mean, I assume it’s a rhetorical question.  If I’m standing in front of you, then obviously I am still there.  If you do not see me, it is safe to assume that I am not there.  It’s kinda like a weird Aflac commercial:  “If you’re here, then that’s where you are.  If you’re not here, then this is where you’re not.”  However, one of my supervisors used such a wonderful cadence when she said “You’re still here” that it sounded more like a cheer than a statement, and it was such a nice diversion from the ordinary rhetorical question. :)

Usually on Fridays, some coworker friends and I will go out to eat at lunchtime.  Today, I was told that I could pick the location since it might be my last lunch out for a while! :)  So, where does this pregnant lady like to eat on Friday at lunchtime? Chick-fil-A, of course.  It is my most recent restaurant craving.  I don’t get the same thing every time, but I enjoy the atmosphere of Chick-fil-A.  Clean, friendly environment and yummy food! 

My belly picture this week is taken with our puppy Akuna!

He’s excited about being a big brother to Michael!

This Week:

-Little Baby P.’s skin changes from a pinkish color to a blue-pink or white tone.  This is due to the fat that he is accumulating. 
-Michael’s head is about the same circumference as his tummy. 
-The placenta is providing Michael with antibodies he will need to be strong and healthy after birth. 
-Little Baby P. is probably around 19 to 20 inches long and weighs a little over 7lbs. 3oz., which is around the size of a watermelon:

(Photo credit: bonappetit.com)
My Craves:
-Plums.  I have enjoyed one every day.
-Applesauce.  I’ve enjoyed some of this most days, too.
-Milk.  I’ve had to ration my milk servings until I can get back to the store for another gallon. :)
-Chick-fil-A.  We covered this a bit earlier.  Clean, friendly environment and yummy food.  Can’t beat that. :)
Thanks for catching up with us this week!  Who knows? Maybe there will be a post before next week that has some cute baby pictures in it!  We’ll see!  Please keep us in your prayers as we anticipate a safe and healthy delivery, with a safe and healthy mommy & baby as the outcome!  Love, Reba


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