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Friday, March 8, 2013

6 Month Photo Shoot: Wonderful Springtime!

On Monday afternoon and a little bit today after we got home, Michael & I spent some time taking pictures for a Spring photo shoot!  Here are some of my favorite pictures! 

Michael can't fit into any pair of shoes that he has (minus the Under-Armour ones, which didn't match our color scheme for these photos) because his baby feet are too big!  So, although I attempted to squish his feet into these cloth shoes, he had other plans in mind.  Before I could even get one picture of him with the shoes on, he had them both off and in his hands!  Then quickly into his mouth as you can see.

Michael and Akuna are quickly becoming best buds!

Discovering a new sensation:  Grass!

I hope you have enjoyed them!

Much love, Reba

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