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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

7 Months

March 28, 2013

Dear Michael,

You are seven months old!  I can’t even believe it!  You are sweeter than ever and it’s such a joy to be your Mommy!  When I’m at work, I count down the hours until I get to come home again and be with you and your Daddy and puppy!  Sometimes after you go to sleep at night, I’ll look at all the pictures of you on my phone and I think about going in your nursery and waking you up to play some more because you’re just too cute for words and so much fun to be around! 

I am so thrilled and so blessed to be your mommy.  You are my sweet bitty boo and I love you to pieces. 

This month, here are some of your “stats” (P.S., I’m borrowing some of this template from your Aunt B.)  J

Favorite toys/pastimes: 
  • Baby Einstein Piano
  • Pop-up toy
  • Baby Einstein activity balls
  • Winnie the Pooh "laptop
  • Engaging in Louisiana Culture (ie, watching Duck Dynasty and Swamp People reruns with Mommy) :)

Watching Duck Dynasty
Sizes:  Size 3 diapers and size 9 month and 12 month clothes.  You are so long that it’s hard to find footie-pajamas that fit you.  So, you fit best in 12 month PJs, and 9 month onesies and pants. 
Eating:  I feed you in the morning sometime between 4:30 and 5:30.  Sometimes you wake me up (that would be the 4:30 time frame), but sometimes it’s the opposite and I wake you up (ha) ;) around 5:30 after I’m finished getting ready for work.  You wake up between 7:30 and 8:30 in the morning ready to start your day!  You get a bottle for breakfast.  For lunch, you get a jar of baby food (a fruit of some kind) and a small bottle.  In the afternoons before I get home, you get another bottle.  Then I feed you a little bit after I get home.  You eat half a jar to a whole jar of baby food (usually a veggie or a meat/veggie combo) for dinner.  On most nights after dinner, I put an ice cube in a mesh teether and give that to you to gnaw on while Daddy and I clean up dinner.  I feed you before you go to bed.  You typically wake up once a night (holla!) somewhere between 11:30-2:00, and I feed you a little bit then.
Sleeping:  Well, as mentioned in the paragraph just above this one, you usually wake up just once a night and I am totally okay with that! J  Your bedtime is around 7:30, but you have been so active during the daytime these last several days that you tire yourself out and you end up nodding off around 6:30 while playing with your toys!  It is so funny!  You will be playing with your toys, and then all of a sudden, you’ll lay your head down and put your thumb in your mouth.  You’ll lay quietly for a few seconds, and then you’ll pop back up and bang on your toy piano, or pop-up toy, or rattle to “jolt” yourself back to awake-ness.  But after another 3 minutes or so, you’ll slowly lay your head back down and put your thumb back in your mouth.  Your Daddy and I know to scoop you up, put your PJs on you, and place you in your bed.  If you are super tired, you won’t even protest.  If you’re not as tired, you will usually cry for less than 10 minutes.  On the other nights when you don’t ‘put yourself to bed’, we will get you dressed in your PJs, we’ll read a story, and then tuck you in and zip up your sleep-sack.  We turn on your mobile, and the Twilight Turtle, and the AngelCare (I can’t break myself away from it yet!).  Within 10 minutes, you are safely in Dreamland.  You always wake up so happy and that makes my heart burst with joy!  On the weekends, I try to get a picture of you when you first wake up. 

Falling asleep while playing with toys.

Waking up on Saturday!

Waking up on Sunday!
Naptime:  Naps during the daytime are hit or miss, kinda.  You kinda make up your own nap schedule. For the days during the week when you choose to nap for 30 minutes or less, you make up for on the weekends.  You are a nap King on Saturdays and Sundays!  Maybe it’s because your Daddy and I are in the easy breezy “It’s the weekend” mode, and you sure catch on to it quickly!  This past Saturday and Sunday, I was able to nap while you did and we each got a good hour nap in on both days!  That makes for a happy baby and a really happy mommy!

After our nap on Saturday!

Developmental Milestones:

--You tried your first “Puffs” cereal snack on Saturday!  I was curious as to whether or not you could “pinch” something with your thumb and forefinger so I decided to try your skills out by putting one Puff on your highchair tray.  These cereal snacks dissolve when wet, which makes them ideal for beginner eaters.  You have really been drooling lately as you continue to prepare for the arrival of your teeth—so you have been gnawing like crazy on everything, including your fingers which makes them very slobbery.  Needless to say, by the time you rolled around the Puff in your hand while trying to get  it into your mouth, it was nearly dissolved.  You weren’t quite sure what to make of the texture, but you certainly impressed me with your lightning fast ability to pinch that Puff and grasp it in your hand.  Once the Puff reached your mouth, you mashed down on it with your jaw and I was impressed again!   I had read on the Puffs package that ‘babies should pinch the snack with thumb and forefinger and mash on the snack with their bottom jaw to chew it.’  I was amazed that you could do those things!  You are growing up so fast!

--You made forward motion while in a crawling stance, ie, you crawled forward today for more than one movement!  Your grandparents have been working with you during the daytime, and Daddy and I work with you on the weekends.  Daddy discovered an interesting object for “bait” to get you to crawl—the TV remote!  Your Grandma Chips found another object for “bait” and this is the object she used today to encourage you to crawl for a long distance.  What is that object you ask?  Why, and xbox controller of course!  J  We are so proud of you and your abilities!  I, however, know this means that we will soon be on the chase as you are on the move. J

I love you forever and ever, little boy.  You are so sweet and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being your mommy!

I am excited to see you learn new things each day.  Although it’s hard to accept how quickly time slips by, I focus on making sure I live in the moment and appreciate each minute I have with you, and Daddy, and puppy. J  I love you always    Love, Mommy

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