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Monday, March 4, 2013

6 Months Old Already?!?

Time flies by so quickly!  I can't believe Little Baby P. is already 6 months old!  We are half-way through his first year!  So so hard to believe!  Michael learns new skills and hones existing skills as each day passes, and it's so fun to watch his progress.  But at the same time, I'm wishing that I could slow down time just for a moment because it's slipping by too quickly. 

Our little happy bundle of joy!

Grandma Chips took this picture on the day Michael turned 6 months old (February 28).  Look at all his hair!  I call him "duck head" because his hair is as soft as a baby duck's hair.

Happy to be sitting on his own!

Such a sweet big boy!

This is how I was greeted when I walked into his room on Saturday morning.  He was up in crawling stance and ready for the day's fun to begin!

Saturday night:  Chillin' out with Dad and Uncle Bryan as they watched a hockey game.

Sunday morning on our way to church:  Daddy and Baby share a laugh.  So sweet.

In our "big boy" carseat on the way to the doctor's office this morning for our
6-month old check-up.

Michael's 6-month old check-up was today and I took off work to be with him the whole day.  He weighs 19 lbs 6 oz. and is 28 3/4 inches long!  He is in the 90th percentile for weight, the 97% percentile for height and 50% percentile for head-size.  Very proportionate little boy! 

Michael is the King of Baby Pilates and works very hard on strengthening his abs to help him sit up nice and tall.  He LOVES to sit up at home and play with his toys on his "I Spy" quilt that his GG made him.  However, he refused to show off his sitting skills to the doctor today. :(  In fact, he cried and made a fuss when he had to lay on the paper-covered table to be examined.  He knows that with the help of adults, he can apply pressure to his legs and feet and stand-up so that's what he was trying to show the doctor today instead.  He was refusing to bend at the hips to sit down.  But Aaron (who got to come with us today!) was able to get Michael to sit when the doctor briefly stepped out of the room. 

Michael received his set of vaccinations and we also opted to have him get a flu shot.  He is just now old enough to get one, and we figured it is a good idea to be prepared.  With the extra shot thrown in there, that meant he had to get four shots today! :(  Two in each thigh.  But, he has EXCELLENT little chunky thighs for that!  He was a champ with his rotovirus vaccine (given orally), and he let out some cries as he got his shots, but his Mommy, Daddy, and Chicco (his toy monkey) were all right beside him to comfort him. :)  He fell asleep on the way home and Aaron delivered him swiftly to his crib for a nap-- where he is at this moment. :) 

As we've ventured out further and further into the baby-food flavor realm, we've discovered that we have a Beechnut baby rather than a Gerber baby (although he is way totally cuter than the baby on the Gerber jars).  He seems to enjoy the consistency of the Beechnut foods moreso than the textures of the Gerber foods.  Beechnut food is actually a little cheaper than the Gerber brand, so Aaron & I are totally fine with this!  Michael will definitely still eat Gerber food and we still keep some on hand.  It's better for travelling since it comes in plastic containers rather than glass jars like the Beechbut brand does. 

We have added to our repertoire of baby food flavors to include:

  • Apples, pears, bananas-- LOVE
  • Oatmeal and apples-- LOVE
  • Sweet potato and chicken--  LOVE

We have ready in our pantry:  mixed vegetables; sweet potato & turkey;  apricot, pears, bananas;  apples, peaches, kiwi; mixed cereal and apples;  etc.  These will be making their debut this week! 

Michael receives a early morning milk-feeding, then a bottle for breakfast, then a bottle and half a jar of baby food for lunch (either a fruit or a veggie), and a milk-feeding in the afternoon, then half a jar of baby food for dinner (either a fruit, a veggie, or a veggie/meat combo) and a milk-feeding. 

What We're Looking Forward To:

  • Mom's Marketplace Consignment Sale!!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this consignment sale!  It happens twice a year in Prattville (in early fall, and in early spring).  I stocked up on some baby clothes back in the fall.  My only problem was that I hung out in the 9-month old baby clothes section and kept picking out clothes in only that size.  Fortunately, Michael is comfortably wearing 9-month old clothes right now, but I know it won't be long until he outgrows those!  So, this time I am planning to stock up in clothes from size 12-month and up-- at least enough clothes to get us to the fall consignment sale! 

I also plan to look for an exersaucer or  jump-a-roo to help entertain Michael during the evenings while Aaron & I tend to housework and chores (ie, making dinner and unloading/loading the dishwasher).  Michael is no longer content to sit for very long in his high-chair when his meal is over.  And since he wants to be so mobile, he doesn't stay satisfied in his swing for more than a few minutes now.  So I think that an exersaucer or a jump-a-roo that I could put in our dining area would help to keep him entertained as we finished up our daily tasks each evening. 

Aaron & I also plan to start running in the evenings after work.  Although we have a stroller for Michael, it is not a jogging stroller.  We have read reviews on jogging strollers, and we believe that it is a safer option to use one of them to put Michael in while we run instead of putting him in our regular stroller.  However, jogging strollers are pricy pieces of equipment!  I am always down for a good deal and I know for a fact that Mom's Marketplace had a great selection of jogging strollers at their fall sale.  I am hoping that I'll be able to find a jogging stroller at the Spring sale on the cheap.

This consignment sale is "season-specific" meaning there won't be any Halloween costumes or Christmas outfits at the spring sale.  So I'm excited to search for fun spring and summer items like an Easter outfit and a swimsuit! 

Today I plan to take 6-month pictures of Michael and I'll post them just as soon as I upload them! :)  I meant to do that this weekend, but I got too busy playing and hanging out with Michael and Aaron and Akuna!  :)  

So, check back soon to see our precious 6-month old in his "Easter outfit" that I'm sure he'll outgrow before Easter (hence why I want to find a replacement at the consignment sale!) :)

Much love!  _Reba

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