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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Noah: 2 Months

On Sunday, Noah turned 2 months old!  He gets sweeter and sweeter with each passing day and it is truly such a joy to be his Mommy!

Here are some stats about him at this age.

Clothing: Noah can still wear 0-3 month clothing, and that's what I normally dress him in.  However, I'm slowly pulling out 3 month size clothes to put on him, just in case he hits a growth spurt soon.  With Michael, I was always so concerned with making sure his clothes matched and making sure he always looked cute no matter if we were spending the whole day at home or not.  With Noah, I'm much more laid back.  On any given day, Noah might be wearing a bright red onesie with light blue pants, or a puppy dog onesie with striped navy pants.  He still looks adorably cute because that's just who he is!  But as far as always wearing a complete outfit-- we don't get there very much.  I also keep putting him in the same clothes after they are washed, instead of putting them away somewhere so that Noah can wear an outfit he hasn't worn before.  With Michael, I wanted him to wear every single item of clothing before he outgrew it.  With Noah, I just want less laundry!  I try to make sure that Noah wears the items of clothing that were bought specifically for him, but I can't guarantee that he will wear every single outfit that Michael wore.

Diapers: Noah is still wearing Costco brand size 1-2.  However, Noah is the king of blow-outs! So I'm not so sure that these sizes will work for very much longer.

Eating: Noah now takes a bottle three times a day while I'm at work.  I nurse him before I head to work, and when I get home, and before he goes to bed.  These past couple of days, he has only woken up once at night-- at 1:30am.  That has been very nice for this first week that I've been back at work!

Soothers: Noah very much likes a pacifier!  We like using the Dr.Brown's brand.  They stay in well and fit along the curvature of the inside of the mouth.  Noah also likes being swaddled in his Halo swaddled blanket that his Aunt B got for him.  I especially like this swaddle blanket because it has Velcro, so it makes it quite easy to quickly swaddle him back up after I change his diaper in the middle of the night! On my weekends, I'll start working with Noah on how on how to fall asleep and stay asleep without the need for a pacifier! :) I know that too much dependence on a soother like a pacifier can be a hindrance later down the line when it comes to sleeping all the way through the night.

Routine: At bedtime, we've started instituting a routine with Noah so he gets used to the idea that bedtime is approaching.  Every other night, I give him a bath at the same time that I bathe Michael.  Michael is phenomenal in the tub with Noah! Noah sits in a bath seat while Michael sits in the tub on his own.  We have discovered that Noah LOVES baths! After the bath, and on the nights that Noah doesn't get a bath, we dress him in freshly washed pajamas.  I nurse him while I recite "Night Night Blessings"-- a book we bought for Michael and have memorized.  Then I sing songs-- lots of them are from Kidz Sing Praise collections (songs I listened to as a little girl).  After that, I change his diaper, swaddle him, and say a prayer.  Then I lay him down in his crib and turn on the AngelCare monitor and give him a good-night kiss.  So far, this routine is working out very well!

Two Month Appointment: On Monday, Noah had his Two Month Appointment.  He was quite the charmer with his smiles and coos. The doctor was pleased with his growth, which always makes me happy.  He weighs 12 pounds 4.5 ounces (60th percentile) and is 23.5 inches long (75th percentile)!  He got two vaccines via shot, and one oral vaccine.  He was quite upset for the shots and I got to spend some time nursing him in the room to calm him down after his shots were complete. By the time we got part way home, he was asleep! :)

This boy is absolutely precious! I love him ever so much and am so very blessed to be his Mommy.

You are truly a joy and so fun to be around! I am so glad that God chose to let us be your parents! We love you forever! Love, Mommy

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