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Monday, June 9, 2014

Noah: 5 Months

Dear Little Noah,

Good grief, it seems like yesterday I was writing your letter for turning 4 months old. And now here we are-- we blinked and you're 5 months old! No matter what we do, I guess we just can't stop time though, can we?

Tomorrow, you and I will head to Birmingham to visit a pediatric ophthalmologist. Your left eye doesn't quite move as much as your right eye and your pediatrician suggested that we get you checked out by an ophthalmologist. Your Grandma Dana will be accompanying us since she knows the Birmingham area far better than I do.

You are such a sweet and smiley baby! You are just now learning to make a "hmm" sound and you'll make it over and over again. You especially like it if someone else makes the sound too. :)

We just started really doing a consistent bedtime routine with you this past week. We let you sit with your grandpa R while we do out work out. Then we give you a bath, dress you in an Overnight diaper and clean PJs, put you in your sleep sack and mittens, feed you, read a story, and sing some songs. The first night, we had to make a couple trips into your room to remind you that we were still around. The next two nights were a breeze! So we totally know that you can do it because-- hey!-- you've done it!

We've put the baby food on pause for now. You don't really need the added calories until you are 6 months old, so we paused that area of your life right now to relieve some pressure on you and me! When we tried some baby food at the beginning of last month, you kind of got the hang of it but you would scream in between each bite. It was nearly impossible for me to be able to put a bite of my own food in my mouth in between each bite I was feeding to you. You were so frantic while you were eating that I just decided to put it on hold for a while until you are closer to six months old. Now at dinner times after I have nursed you, you will happily sit/stand in your exersaucer in the dining room while we eat. I'm usually able to finish almost all of my food before you make a fuss to be picked up. Then I just set you in my lap while I finish eating. I definitely think you will be ready for baby food again at 6 months old.

Another reason why I put the baby food feeding on hold was for a potential allergy you had. You have had cradle cap from about one month old til now. At your 4 month check up I asked the dr if there was any other treatment we could do because we had been diligent about scrubbing your head with a soft scrubby brush at bath time, as well as putting baby oil or lotion on your head. I also told the doctor that you would dig into your head and scratch it up so terribly even when we would cut your nails short. I told how you would spit up some or most of your milk within 30 minutes of eating. And I told her how you were so unpredictably fussy to the point that I actually didn't really like driving anywhere with you because you would get so worked up. She said you probably had a milk protein allergy! She told us to change the brand of formula that we had been using-- she suggested a brand that had easier to digest proteins. It's also cheaper (score!) She also told me to limit my intake of milk proteins to one small glass of milk daily and one piece of cheese-- no other milk proteins. Yep, that's right mister, no yogurt and no ice cream. But I totally love you, so it's no big deal. She gave us a prescription for an eczema gel to put on your head. And son, within 24 hrs of making these changes, your head was SO much better! The cradle cap is nearly gone today.

You are very interested in everything that your brother does. You just can't wait until you're big enough to play with him! The other day, he threw two Hot Wheels cars into a bucket of you dinosaurs and you laughed and gave him a HUGE smile! I tried to recreate the same reaction by throwing the cars again, but no such luck. Your daddy tried also to generate a reaction by doing the same thing-- but no reaction from you was given. It was funny only when Michael did it. I found this so interesting! I know you two will be best buds.

You simply love to be outside! Your Grandma Chips takes you and your brother outside once every morning and again in the later afternoon if its not too hot. You will happily sit in your stroller and watch your brother play at the sand table or with his toy golf set in the grass. Sometimes, you will lay on a blanket under the tree and wiggle your toes in the breeze! If you are fussy, we will hold you and walk out onto the screened porch. You instantly settle down nearly every time. I can tell that you will love going to the beach cottage and sleeping on the screened in front porch. :)

You are such a joy, little one! We love you so much and you're developing the sweetest personality. You are a people person and you still love to find that next face to focus on. You're quick to share your smiles. I'm sure you will be a social butterfly but I also have a mummy's intuition that you will love to read books-- there's just something about you that tells me so.

Here are some of your precious smiley faces:



Know that we love you deeply and are excited everyday to be your parents. We CAN wait to see you grow up-- we love enjoying you in the moments we have now! Never stop being sweet. I love you! Love, Mommy

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