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Monday, June 2, 2014

Michael: A Summer Away from Two

*I wrote this blog post on Wednesday May 28, 2014

Dearest Michael,

Today you are only 3 months away from your second birthday! Time sure does fly. You become more of a boy and less of a baby every single day.

You fill our lives with joy and laughter and you keep us on our toes while we try to determine the best way to handle your toddler habits. You are such fun to be around! You are becoming a super big brother and I know that you and Noah will be best friends.

You are so sneaky and I hear that your daddy was the same way when he was your age. You definitely know when our eyes are on you and you'll try to act innocent until you think we're no longer watching- at which point you'll go for your targeted item. We have to keep our "toddler mindset" thinking caps on as we parent you-- it's hard to stay one step ahead. Usually I am a quarter second faster than disaster. I've grabbed items just in the nick of time before you were able to carry out your plan.

Yesterday, I stood up to get the remote and I left my phone on the couch cushion. I got almost all the way to the kitchen when I turned and saw you lock eyes on the phone. Then you looked up at me and we both knew it was a race! We went running toward the phone but I got there first by a half second! A burst of laughter escaped from both of us! You are such fun and you keep me quite busy!

Eating is still a little bit of a struggle these days. We know you well enough to know when you will definitely like the meal we are having-- like spaghetti and meat balls with garlic bread. You LOVE meatballs (cut up in a bowl with spaghetti sauce). You're not too fond of noodles though. You are definitely a carb-a-holic and would eat bread for every meal if you could. We try to hide the bread from your line of sight until you've eaten a good portion of the other items on your plate. If you see the bread first, you will want nothing to do with anything else on your plate. For breakfast you consistently like French toaster sticks (by E'ggo) or oatmeal (Quaker Fruit and Cream variety). You're an "ok" milk drinker at breakfast. It's been a little difficult to get you to finish your sippy of milk these past couple of weeks. Peach cups, applesauce, goldfish crackers and Auntie Anne's bunnies crackers remain favorite snack foods and lunch staples. You also like to indulge in a banana Popsicle (chopped up and put in a bowl) for afternoon snack after you've played outside. You also enjoy sharing dad's Mott's freezer fruit bar.

Unfortunately, I've shared my recent cough/cold with you and your brother. It's pitiful to hear you cry as you try to go to sleep; it's not easy to suck your thumb, breath through your nose, and have a runny or stuffed up nose all at the same time. Bedtime has been a struggle because of this but we've been giving you medicine to help clear up your congestion and it seems to be working.

You are so wonderful and I love you to pieces. Your new favorite word is "shoes!" and you walk around pointing at all shoes and saying "shoes!" in a high pitched voice. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. Your new favorite phrase is "hi ball!" which you say to all balls, pictures of balls, or whenever we say ball. You also love to say "hi!" to random inanimate objects like your applesauce, peach cup, table, Noah's baby monitor (which you also kiss).

Here you are sitting on Grandma's counter while she makes a cake.  You were quite interested in the lemon:


Here you are in the kiddie pool.  You really enjoyed wearing your swimsuit and rash-guard. 

Here's a selfie:

Here is Daddy reading a story to you and Noah before bed:


Michael, you are truly a joy and we are so blessed to be your parents. We love every second with you. You're a wonderful little boy and we are so excited to see how you continue to develop and grow. We love your personality and couldn't ask for a better firstborn son. We love you, dear one. We truly do. Love, Mommy

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