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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Michael: 2 Years

Oh Michael,

Where do I even begin?  I’ll try to keep this post solely about your two-year-old self and not delve too far into your recent diagnosis of Type I Diabetes.  I’ve been compiling a post about our experience with that, but it hurts my heart too much to write about it for very long, so I’m having to go in stages.  So, we’ll make this post about fun only, ok?


Moments come when I can totally believe you’re two and that time has crept by at a good pace.  Then, other times roll around when I’m caught in a moment of “wait!  When did two years fly by?!? And when did you stop looking like a baby and more like a little boy?!?”  All in all, I think our time has been fantastic.  I’ve cherished every day with you and I love being your mommy. 


You are talking more now, which makes my heart super happy.  It’s so nice to hear you communicate what you want and for me to understand it!  However, there are times when you ask for “thuice” (juice) and I will give you juice (insert:  “Crystal Light lemonade” or “Crystal Light liquid flavoring in water” here), and you will push your cup away, or throw it, or swipe it off the table and in a high pitched voice yell “ehh! Ehh!”  Even though I’ve given you what you want.  I guess that is part of the terrible twos, so we roll onward, and your “thuice” stays on the floor, or on the table, or wherever it has landed until you ask for something else or until you decide that I did actually give you the juice you were asking for.


You LOVE love love (and for good measure, LOVE) to be outside.  Your daddy and I are having the patio screened in next couple week, and we are SO looking forward to opening the living room door and saying “have at it” and let you play on the porch and be in a confined area and yet still “outside.”   At the moment, we play outside with you, which entails playing “bat ball” (a t-ball set from your Great Aunt R, an activity for which you MUST wear your Lightning McQueen baseball hat—your rule) and/or running after Akuna and imitating his bark, or playing with the water table or sand table and asking me to “build house” out of sand so you can knock it over with a construction steam-roller toy.  Right now, our yard has an ant problem, so your daddy and I literally have to be one step behind you in order to gently move your shoulders like a bridle if you are running straight for an ant pile.  So, once we get the patio screened in, we’ll be able to let you have a little more independence in a safe environment while we work on making the yard safe from ants.


You are comfortably wearing 3T shirts and shorts.  We found out that even though a pair of 3T pajama pants looks EXTREMELY long, you fit into them perfectly.  When did you grow up?!? 


You wear size 5 diapers.  We were being semi-diligent about sitting you on the potty, but then diabetes happened and rocked our world, and I admit that we have all taken a step back and, right now we are putting the potty on hold.  But you are able to tell us now when you have pooped, so we will be returning to potty training soon—with an alternate incentive besides an M&M.  I’m thinking a poster hanging in the bathroom on which you can put a sticker of choice each time you sit on the potty like a big boy, and maybe you’ll get two or three stickers when you actually produce something to go into the potty.


Your birthday party was a lot of fun.  My heart was still heavy at cake-eating-time because it was your own birthday party and you had to have the smallest piece of cake.  My heart ached for you, son.  Truly.  And I’m writing a separate post about all of those feelings, but we won’t discuss them in this post.  You invited family and friends to your party.  It was “Cars” themed and so cute!  I hung up streamers of red crepe paper and you LOVED that from the very first thing that morning.  “Wow Mama!”  you said.  Your daddy is the best, and made and decorated your “Cars” cake from scratch.  We grilled hot dogs, and had a veggie tray, a fruit tray, cheese and crackers, and sweet potato fries.   After lunch, we opened presents.  Your cousin and your friend helped out and enjoyed your toys with you!  It was then time to go outside and try out your “bat-ball” set, and the “bucket of balls.”  At the end of the party, it was time for a nap.  You were worn out from all the fun!



On your actual birthday, your daddy cooked you a great breakfast.  He even showed you how to make scrambled eggs.  J  Grandma Chips and Grandma Dana came over for part of the day.  We made sure you got to do things that you wanted to do like play outside repeatedly and watch some of your favorite shows or movies.  For supper, you had a hot dog (which is one of your favorite things) and you said “Mmm Mom!  Hah-gog good!” And if you ran out of ketchup, you promptly asked for “more tet-up.”   You’re the cutest.  Seriously. 


I love you dearly, my son.  You are utterly precious and you keep us laughing, guessing, and growing as parents everyday.  You are very busy exploring your world and it is such an amazing thing to watch.  I cherish our time.  I love seeing who you are and I dream of who you’ll become.  I pray that you will seek God with all of your heart, earnestly and always. 


I love you, dear one.  Love, Mommy


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