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Friday, September 12, 2014

Diabetic Supplies: A Peek Into Our Cabinets

Once we started figuring out how much of a truckload of stuff we will have each 90 days for Michael's diabetes supplies, we knew we would have to be super organized in order to be able to find the things we needed quickly.

We also knew that Michael would have certain dietary restrictions and needs and that we would need to make sure we had things on hand that were available at all times for him. 

Therefore, we set out on an organizing adventure and a refrigerator re-stock to make our lives as smooth as possible now that we have a new normal to live by.

So, here are some pictures of the rearranging of some cabinets and fridge area to showcase some of our choices on how we store diabetic medical supplies and food choices.

Here you see our "juice cabinet" filled with different flavors of Crystal Light and Publix brand sugar-free lemonade mixes, as well as Crystal Light liquid-flavoring to add into water.

Here is our Diabetic Medical Supply cabinet.  The bottom shelf has tiny storage drawers to house the lancets, testing strips, alcohol pads, Ketone strips, and pen needles.  These are things we use frequently.  On the second shelf you see boxes of extra pen needles, alcohol pads, user manuals for the blood-glucose meter, and our glucagon kit.  In this cabinet I also have two spare meters, as well as our medicines for adults, children and infants.

 Here is a look into our fridge.  I try to keep a pitcher of sugar-free lemonade ready.  Behind the pitcher of lemonade is apple juice that we use to bring up a low blood sugar.  The chocolate milk is part of Michael's bedtime snack.  The whole milk (behind the chocolate milk) is for Michael's breakfast or bedtime snack (if we are not using chocolate milk that day).  We keep an 18-count carton of eggs now since that is a "free" food and can be made into scrambled eggs for breakfast to go alongside a carb option.  The container sitting on top of the egg carton is scrambled eggs with cheese that I made that morning and stuck in the fridge to be heated up for Michael when he woke. 

Here is our yogurt drawer.  Michael LOVES yogurt for his snacks, so we try to keep several on hand.  In the drawer above the yogurt, you'll see a bag of matchstick carrots that we successfully added to spaghetti sauce and meatballs the other night. 

I've been busy brainstorming ideas on how to introduce more "non-starchy" vegetables into Michael's diet.  I'll post an update on how things work out!

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