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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Noah: 8 Months

Goodness Gracious!  Noah is already 8 months old!

Dearest Little Noah,

You are growing so quickly!  You are already 8 months, one week, and one day old!  (But who's counting, right?)  You're a gem and I'm so glad that God saw fit to add your smiley self to our family!

Your hair is coming in thick with a bit of a wave.  It's the lightest brown and some might call it dark blonde.  Michael likes to brush your hair and he parts it on the right side and gives you a left-ward swoop in the front.  Darling, just darling.  :)

You have the biggest blue eyes.  People are captivated by them!  You'll be a charmer with the ladies to be sure.  But let's wait until you're in your twenties, ok?  ;)

You are soooo close to crawling!  I betcha that when you can crawl, you'll be so much happier since you'll be able to keep up with Michael and you'll be able to follow around your daddy and me when we move from room to room.  At the moment, you're definitely in your "only-Mommy-will-do" phase and you'll cry if I'm not holding you or sitting beside you and touching your back with my hand.  If I change your diaper and briefly leave the room to dispose of it and wash my hands, you cry.  If your daddy goes to your room to get you when you wake from a nap, and then you see me in the living room, you cry until I hold you.  If I pause from feeding you supper to throw something away or get a paper towel wet to wipe your face, you cry as soon as I'm out of sight even if I'm a foot behind your high-chair.   Sometimes, son, this is exhausting!  But, I'm constantly reminded that I LOVE being a mom.  Even through this "mommy mommy all the time" phase.  :)

You currently wear size 3 diapers, but we went ahead and bought a box of size 4 diapers for you to begin wearing once these size 3's run out.  You wear size 4 Huggies Overnights at nighttime and they work out pretty well.  Unless you have an emergency 2 ounce bottle at midnight to accompany a dose of Motrin because you're in teething pain-- and then your diaper is a little more squishy come morning.

You drink four 6oz. bottles during the day, and you drink one 4oz. bottle around 5:00am.  You eat Stage 2 baby food at suppertime and your taste buds don't discriminate!  You love all kinds of veggies and fruits and oatmeal blends.  You're not picky in the least.  We've also started putting an ice cube in a mesh teether and giving you that to gnaw on while we clean up around the kitchen before or after your meal.  Also recently I've begun putting some cut up apple pieces from an apple fruit cup in the mesh teether.  You think that is a real treat!

You are quite the squealer-- you let out a joyful squeal when your little body just can't contain the excitement that you feel!  Your favorite places to squeal currently are your high chair (which sends your older brother into rolls of giggles and imitations), and the bathtub when your hair is getting washed or when you randomly look at the ceiling!  You are just too funny. 

Your older brother thinks you are the greatest thing.  You can make him laugh by squealing, growling, or even just looking at him when he's in a giggling mood.  :)  You're a good sport and you don't fuss when he takes one of your toys away, but it won't be long until your "death grip" really kicks in and you fight with everything you have to hold onto your toys.

You have two teeth-- two very sharp "puppy teeth" we call them.  However, I'm sure it won't be long until more teeth show up.  You are still quite drooly and your gums are swollen.  You practice "chewing" your baby food.  Michael offers to give you crackers or cheese or lunch meat each night at dinner but we remind him that you can't have those things now.  One day, little one.  One day you can. 

Noah, dear, I love you to pieces more and more everyday.  You're a true joy and I'm beyond excited to spend the days with you and to see how you grow.  Your personality is already a knock-out, so I'm sure the future will bring many more giggles, mischief, and hard abs due to all the laughing.  :) 

It is my constant prayer that you seek the Lord earnestly and always.  I pray that your dad and I can be the example that you need to find that loving Jesus and following Him is truly the right choice. 

I love you forever, dear one.  Love, Mommy

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