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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Feeling like a Grown-Up

When Aaron and I bought our home, we knew we wanted to eventually screen-in our back patio.  Finally, after nearly 4 years in the house, we decided we needed to take the plunge and go for it! 

We researched different companies in the area who could screen-in a patio.  I found one I liked and called for a free estimate.  An appointment was set up, and the guy never showed.  And he never called.  Personally, I find that rude.  So-- on to the second company! 

This time, the guy actually came out to give us a free estimate.  He wrote down a proposal and outlined what would be done and how much it would cost.  The proposal would be good for 30 days. He said the project would take about two days-- maybe two and a half days. We thought this was fantastic!  Aaron and I thought it over for a week and then called that company to schedule the construction. Aaron called on a Wednesday.  The man said he'd come out to the house on Thursday of the following week and be done by Saturday.  Aaron would be out of town, but I would be around. 

No one showed up on Thursday.  I called the company and left a message.  No one called me back.  No one showed up on Friday or Saturday.  Aaron called on Saturday.  The guy said his materials were late.  Aaron asked him to just keep us informed since we would like to know when he'd be coming onto our property.  The guy said he'd be there first thing Monday morning. 

On Monday morning, it was raining when we woke up.  However, by 9:00am, it was a sunny day.  When I returned home from work, no progress had been made on the patio. Aaron called the company again.  The guy said that he woke at 5am and  saw that it was raining and called his whole crew and told them to stay home for the day.  Aaron politely asked to be kept informed and reminded the man that he could have given Aaron a call at anytime during the day.  The man apologized and said he'd be out to the house first thing Tuesday morning. 

FINALLY, on Tuesday when I returned home from work, progress had been made!  The project took three whole days to complete.  On Friday, when I left a check for my mother-in-law to hand to the guy, I expected that he was going to clean up the metal shards left lying on my side-walk where his saw had been.  Nope.  We had to do the cleaning up ourselves. If I had been the one to hand him a check, I would have asked for a discount due to failure to clean up, and failure to complete the job when he said it would be done (an entire week earlier).  But, such is life.  Maybe God knew that my mother-in-law should be the one to hand the man his check so that I wouldn't get into a tiff without someone I don't even know!  Or maybe my guardian angel asked for respite that day and God approved.  Whatever the case may be, the construction man got his full check, and to be fair, I do have the benefit of a beautiful screened in patio. 

We plan to hang an outdoor ceiling fan with a light once we find one to our liking.  We also are scouring craigslist and thebulletinboard.com looking for patio furniture on the cheap!  We'd like to get a couple of chairs or love seat for us grown ups to sit on while Michael plays and while Noah is in his exersaucer on the porch. 

I think we will truly enjoy our porch, especially in these upcoming fall days.  It's already so nice to leave open the door to the living room and let Michael play outside on the "beck poach"  ('back porch' in toddler accent).  He has some independence, and I have assurance that he's in a secure location.  Noah also just loves to be outside and this porch just fits the bill so well. 

Sometimes, I catch myself looking at the screened-in patio and thinking "We did it!  We acted like grown ups, found a contractor, and paid for the construction all on our own.  That was very adult."  Sometimes, I don't feel the age that I am and I have to remind myself that I really am a woman in her late twenties with a husband, two small children, a dog, and a house.  This isn't 'playing house' anymore like I used to do as a little girl.  Every day that I wake up, I'm living real life.  I'm being a real wife.  I'm really parenting my two young boys.  I'm picking up leaves off my floor because they still attach themselves to my dog's fur and he doesn't know how to vacuum yet.  And this is real.  Having a screened-in patio adds to that.  It makes me feel very grown up.

I am very happy with it overall.  I do feel as though customer service could have been better, but here we are at the end of the day and I'm okay. 

So, we welcome you, Fall, anytime you'd like to show up with your crisp afternoon breezes!

Until Next Time,

Much Love,  Reba

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