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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Hospital Stay told through Pictures

Here are 17 photos to show you that the name of the game in the hospital is "hiding." 

On our car ride to the hospital:

The map of the hospital.  We were in the super tall colorful-windows building.:

In our first hospital room.  In the background, you see the crib and the not-so-comfy rocking chair:

Using Dada's shorts as a hat.  It's the little things. 

"Where's Michael?"  Here I am!

Sitting on the window sill.

Overlooking the beautiful skyline.  From the window we could see multiple interstates and highways, a train track, and lots and lots of cars.  Quite exciting for a near two-year-old little boy. 

Eating sugar free pudding (or "coo" as Michael says) as a snack.

Showing Dada all the trains and cars.

Playing peek-a-boo on the window sill.

Playing on the window sill again.  He spent a lot of time here.  :) 

Taking a picture with Mommy.

Playing in the play-room with Grandpa Randy while Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma Chips are learning about diabetes care in the hospital room.

Trying out the other play-room when the first one closed for the day.

On our way home.

Clutching his "mommy blankie" and knowing that everything will be okay.

Lunch on our first weekend home.  Slices of turkey lunch meat are a "free" food. 

I love this little boy.  And we can't forget his darling little brother.

These two little guys are my world.  They are so sweet and funny and energetic and I love being their mommy. 

When the skies look cloudy and gray due to diabetes, I'll remember the smiling faces of these little ones, and I'll remember that it'll be okay.

Until next time,
Much love  _Reba

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