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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Michael Update

It's been a while since I've written a post about Michael and what he likes to do, eat, say, watch, etc.  He is growing so fast and his vocabulary daily increases by leaps and bounds.  I catch myself thinking "What did he just say? I didn't know he could say that!"  Nearly two and a half years old is such a fun age to watch.  He learns something new about the world everyday, and never ceases to give us lessons in compassion and patience.

Dear Michael,

Watching you experience the holidays was so fun.  We were so excited for Christmas morning when we got to watch you open your gifts and see your stocking from Santa Claus!  A few days before Christmas, you partially opened up a gift for Noah.  We had to remind you a few times that presents can't be opened until Christmas morning. 

The Christmas tree is still currently up, and you love looking at it with all of its "yights" and "or-ments."  You ask often if you can "hold that one?" while you point to whatever ornament has gotten your attention.  You stood at the base of the fireplace on Christmas Eve Eve, and sang and shook your stocking to the tune of "Jingle Bells."  Your stocking, of course, is covered in jingle bells, and you named off each color:  Blue! Green! Red! Pink!

You are all about the reason for the season.  You know full-well that Christmas is Jesus' birthday.  You play with a toy version of the Nativity Set and you are very careful to always lay Baby Jesus in the manger.  Shepherds and wise men may fight, and Mary's donkey might get chucked across the room, but one thing is for certain: Baby Jesus is asleep on the hay.

You sport so many of your daddy's expressions and you are a stubborn little guy.  Here are some of your stats.

Weight: 33 pounds.

Height: Over 3 feet tall.

Shoe size: Infant size 7.

Current Clothes sizes:  You wear size 3T shirts and pants.  Some of your 2T shirts still fit, and we keep letting you wear them because they're just so gosh-darn adorable.  You can still fit into one pair of 2T pants, so I am totally letting you wear them still. We might as well get all of the use out of them that we can before we have to put them away until Noah can wear them.

Diapers:  Yes, you still are wearing diapers.  You wear Pull-Ups at daycare, but your toddler thighs are still chubby and I don't find Pull-Ups to be very easy to get on or off of you, and isn't that the point of them?  So, we let daycare have all of our Pull-Up supply, and you wear diapers at home.  You're not interested in using the potty at all, so we don't force it.  We know the desire will come.  Even daycare staff is lenient with potty-training until kids are three years old, so we have a few months left.  You might be more interested in learning when you're with Grandma Chips and not around so many others.

Favorite Foods:  You love oatmeal.  In the morning when you wake up, the first thing you say is "I eat oatmeal?" or "Ok, I wake up. Let's go get oatmeal."  Sometimes you will ask to eat oatmeal for dinner, and sometimes for lunch on Sundays.  We buy the lower sugar varieties of oatmeal and have found that Winn-Dixie and Publix both make their own versions of this in addition to Quaker's version.  You love hot dogs and hot dog bread (bun).  You love milk and insist on drinking it out of your "coffee cup"-- a red plastic mug with snowflakes on it.  You call Diet Sprite "bubble juice" and you also like Mio Lemonade (sugar-free) and Crystal Light Raspberry Lemonade (sugar-free).  For snacks, you like crackers and peanut butter, string cheese, and 100-calorie packs of cookies. 

Favorite Shows:  During the Christmas season, we recorded a few movies on the DVR.  Ratatouille is a favorite-- you refer to it as "Happy Rats."  Your most favorite movie currently is "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas" that you ask to watch over and over again.  You also like the movie "Arthur Christmas" and you call it "Christmas Robots" because the military-operation elves move with robot-like precision.  You hardly ask to watch shows now, but when you do, you stick to your original favorites of PAW Patrol, Wally-kazam, and Team Umizoomi. 

Favorite Toys:  Anything that belongs to Noah.  You're not too keen on sharing, but sometimes you surprise us with a streak of kindness to your brother.  You especially love all of his toys he got for Christmas.  When you refuse to share those toys with him, we remind you to whom they belong.  You also love the trains you got for Christmas, and the Little People barn complete with animals-- of which the horse is your favorite.

Favorite Antics:  You love to take things, "hide them" and then come to us and ask "Hey, where did (such and such) go?" Lately, you hide Noah's Fisher-Price train.  Common hiding places include the laundry room and the Christmas tree skirt.  You have also taken the straw out of my cup a few times, thrown it in the sink, and then came to ask me where it was.  The conversation usually goes like this:

Michael: Hey, where's your straw?
Me:  In my cup.
Michael: No.  Not there.
Me:  Where is my straw?
Michael: I don't know.  Me either.  I don't see it around here.  Try the sink.
Me: (walks to sink, finds straw)

Michael: Hey, where's train?
Me: I don't know.  Where is it?
Michael: I don't see it around here.  Try laundry room.
Me: (opens door of laundry room, finds train)

Favorite Songs:  ABCs, Row Row Row Your Boat (which you refer to as rowrowrowyourboatgentlydownstreammerrymerrymerrylifeisbutadream), "Blue Choo Choo Song" which is code for the theme song for Thomas & Friends, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Happy Birthday, and Jesus Loves Me.

Favorite bedtime items: Your "mommy blankies" (white cloth diapers that youve had since a little baby), Lightning McQueen fleece blanket, and Twilight Turtle (specifically, the blue light as opposed to the green or brown light).  You've taken one nap in the Queen sized bed in your room, but you prefer to sleep in your toddler bed.  We'll work on the transition to the big bed once we are gearing up for you and Noah to share a room.

Michael, you are such a dear.  After each injection of insulin, I tell you that you're the bravest boy and I mean it with every fiber of my being.  I am so happy for the personality you are developing.  You are full of compassion.  You have a mischievous streak and sometimes you're stubborn to the core, but I love you more each day.  I'm excited to see how God continues to work in your life.  I love you, Bubby Doo.

Love, Mommy

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