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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Popcorn and Pancakes for Breakfast? Oh My!

I'm in process of writing a description of the horrendous week that our family spent while recovering from a stomach virus.  Sicknesses coupled with type 1 diabetes are just no fun.  The climax of the sickness was a trip to the ER for Michael.  Hospitals are difficult places for me to be since it reminds me so much of the time my dad was in the hospital following his motorcycle accident.  Hospitals are a sensory overload of smells and sounds that I don't particularly care to remember.  So, I've been working on writing a post about the experience we had in taking Michael to the ER due to severe dehydration and concern of DKA.  I've been working on the post for nearly a week.  It's difficult for me to write too much at a time since it's an emotional process for me to work through.  I plan to have the post finished by tomorrow hopefully.  Until then, please enjoy a nice, light post about silly things Michael says these days!

I've started going a different way to daycare and work.  It cuts down on traffic by an exponential amount, which means that my stress level is greatly reduced!  So, now we take some back roads that wind through a couple of farms, and we see cows on our way to daycare now.  We pass by two farms around 6:40 in the morning.  Yesterday, a group of cows was huddled around a feed trough at the edge of one of the pastures.  The conversation went like this:

Me:  Look!  The cows are eating breakfast!  Did you know that cows eat breakfast?
Michael: Yes!  Pancakes!
Me:  Pancakes!  Cows eat pancakes?
Michael: YEAH!
Me: Probably grass.  Cows eat grass for breakfast.
Michael:  And pancakes!

Yesterday evening after I got home from work, we took the boys out to Target and to get gas in my car.  While loading them up in the car, I asked Michael "What do cows eat for breakfast?"  I wanted to see if he'd give the same answer as in the morning.

Michael: Pancakes!
Me: Wow!
Michael: Yep!  And sometimes popcorn!  Pancakes and popcorn for breakfast!

Other random conversations:

Me:  Okay, Michael, what would you like to do?  Read a book?
Michael: (scratches top of head).  Oh! I have an idea!  Turn on and off the lights!
Me:  No, that's not an okay idea.  How about we read a book?
Michael:  Ok. Honey Hunt.  Let's read that one.  Here, you sit on the couch. I'm coming.  Reading a book is coming up!

Aaron:  Ok, it's time to brush teeth.
Michael: No, I don't brush teeth.
Aaron: Yes, you do.  We don't want your teeth to fall out.  And then we put on pajamas.
Michael: No I don't wear pajamas.
Aaron: Yes, you do, because it's time to go to sleep.
Michael:  I don't sleep.

Michael: (walks into the living room.  Turns on the light. Claps for himself!  And throws a fist into the air).  Yay!  I did it!  I turned on the light!  Woo-hoo!

Me:  Okay, you eat your breakfast and I'm going to take these bags out to the car.  I'll be right back.
Michael: Okay, good luck!

Me:  I'm going to take this trash out to the trash can.  You eat your snack.  I'll be right back.
Michael: Okay, momma.  Good luck!

Me:  Somebody has a poopy diaper.  Who is it? Noah?  Or Michael?
Michael:  (who is clearly the one who pooped)  Not me!  I all clean!  (sniffs air)  Oh Noah!  Pee-woo!  You stink!

Michael:  I'm a baby.
Me: No, you're a big boy.
Michael: No I'm not.  I'm a baby.
Me:  Babies can't talk.  And you're talking.  So you must be a big boy.
Michael:  Goo-goo ga-ga.  See?  I'm a baby!

I hope you've enjoyed this random selections of silly conversations.  They happen daily in our house now and it keeps us smiling!

Until Next Time,

Much love,
Love, Reba

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