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Monday, April 13, 2015

Noah: 15 Months

*Written on Thursday April 9, 2015

Wow, Noah!
I can't believe you are 15 months old today! Time speeds by extra quickly these days!

You are as spunky as ever and it is such a joy to watch you grow up right in front of our eyes!

You are not quite walking yet, although you've taken a couple of "half steps"-- bearing a huge grin on your face the whole time!  You always seem excited to learn new things, and I know you will be walking before I know it!  I'm trying to tell myself to enjoy these days an extra amount, while you are not quite walking yet.  Once you walk, then you will run for sure, and I'll have an even harder time keeping up with you!

You love anything to do with your brother.  Although you still like to cling to me, you do choose to venture down the hallway and join your brother in his room as he plays with dirtbike toys, Hot Wheels cars, or train pieces.  I think it's so precious when you two choose to play together-- and I think it's so funny that you two are already so independent of us and don't need to be in the same room as Mommy and Daddy in order to play.  You are quick to pull yourself up to stand at the train table in Michael's room.  If a train track is in place, you will stand at the edge of the table and wait for a train to come by so you can snatch it, wave it in the air and drop it on the floor.  We call you "Babe-zilla!"  If a train track is not currently in place, you will grab random track pieces and clutch them in your hands as your brother pretends that the table is a Motocross Venue for his dirtbike toy.  If Michael gets a wild hare to climb up onto his bed to wrestle the pillows, you are quick to crawl or cruise to his former position at the table and take over the dirtbike toy responsibilities. :)

You love to eat.  Repeat: You. Love. To. Eat.  For this I am so grateful, because it's nearly a fail-safe way to occupy you when we have to pay extra attention to your brother during insulin injections or site changes for his continuous glucose monitor. 

You are still very comfortably in size 12 month clothes.  I do put size 18 month pajamas on you since I hardly have any size 12 month pajamas, and I can't justify buying new clothes in a size that I know you'll eventually outgrow.  Although size 18 month shirts and onesies and pants are much too big on you, the pajamas in this size seem to fit okay, and I for one don't like to wear tight pajamas anyhow, so maybe you are the same way.  I hope. The twice-a-year consignment sale is having their spring sale this weekend and into next week, so I know I will be stocking up on some extra summer clothes for you. 

I will also be buying you some shoes since you have begun to take a few very small steps!  Your little baby feet are just perfectly fat and squishy.  I can no longer put the size 3 baby shoes on you even though I bought them for you last fall at the consignment sale.  You wore them a few mornings to daycare this winter, but you just aren't much for shoes and you weren't even close to walking back then.  Now that you are taking some steps, I'd like for you to have a little support when you stand on your feet especially when you do some of your walking at church on cement floors-- I'm afraid socks might just be too slippery.  At home, you are completely content to be barefoot and it's okay in that setting.  But you'll need some shoes for when we're outside of our comfort zone. 

You wear size 4 diapers.  We like Kirkland signature (Costco) brand during the daytime and we still love Huggies Overnight diapers for at night.  You can say "Tee-tee!" and you don't mind sitting on the little plastic potty in the bathroom after bath.  Maybe we can persuade your big brother to sit on the potty himself if he sees you sitting on it first!

You wear a sleep-sack wearable blanket at night.  Your room gets cold no matter what temperature the house thermostat is set, so we make sure you are safe and warm in your sleep sack.  You like to sleep on your belly with your arms straight at your sides and your hands tucked under your belly.  You are just too precious.

You are teething now, and you just might have an ear infection as well.  You hardly complain at all, but we can tell something is wrong when you just act somber.  Usually you are our happy boy through rain or shine.  However, when you're down for the count, you are extra snuggly and you don't share your smiles as much.

You can say "Dada," "Mama," "Bah-boo" (bottle), "tee-tee,"  "Bah" (bath), "Ba" (ball), and "Muh" (remote-- as in the remote controls from which we've removed the batteries so you can use them as toys). 

You are such a sweetie and we love every bit of you!  You always bring sunshine and happiness to our family and you and your brother just constantly light up our days!  We love you, sweet Noah, and we are so thankful to God for placing you in our family. 

I love you forever, sweet boy!

Love, Mommy

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